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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Almost ready

I didn't feel like eating breakfast this morning (my favorite meal of the day), so I drove my car over to the garage where I take it for service and got an oil change, plus check of fluid levels and tires.  I was able to eat when I got home, and now I need to run some more errands.

I couldn't eat supper last night - don't know if it's the gallbladder acting up or more than likely, my excitement and nerves over my trip.  I slept well though, but I can't miss too many more meals or I'll waste away!

I think I will go to a nearby credit union and withdraw some cash for the campgrounds.  I made a list of how many of each denomination I want to get, but keep revising the list, so I may as well just get whatever I decide when I'm at the counter.  A lot of campgrounds don't make change and I want to be prepared.

Later:  I got the cash and then stopped to buy some food for the trip.  It will be a switch for me as I normally bake fish from the freezer, and only use fresh fruits and vegetables.  I will try to get by on what looks like the best of packaged meals, although many of them were put back on the shelf as soon as I looked at the list of ingredients!  I will probably buy some last minute items on Saturday.

To readers who travel from the U.S. into Canada going through Grand Portage, is there a convenient place on the other side of the border to exchange money?  I really don't know how much to change, although I'll probably need much more than I expect.

I've oftened mentioned that I like to work out my upper arms with light hand weights.  I've doubled up on the weights to get my muscles ready for carrying the heavy cooler around, and my upper arms are looking great (for my age).  What is really bad are my arms from the elbow to the hand.  Does anyone have exercises for tightening up this part of the arm?  The better my upper arms look the worse the lower ones get.  I thought chocolate might help, but so far it's helping in other ways besides my muscle tone!

I've packed my clothes in 3 duffel bags of different sizes - the large one has my clothes for every day, the next one carries my winter clothes, and the third and smallest is the one I'll carry to the shower.  I feel so much better getting that done as everything was stacked on one side of my bed and I just want to start getting things out of my way.


  1. I think it's excitement getting to you. You can't eat and all I can do is eat. I really like the idea of chocolate helping tone the arms. Too bad it isn't working.

  2. yeah I think it's the excitement. It's hard for me to understand anything that would dampen my appetite ... ha?

    At least you're sleeping and that's good. chocolate didn't help your arms? well, I never.

  3. Gypsy, I was just at Grand Portage in MN the other day. They change money at Ryden's store less than half a block from the border. I've done that several times. You are going to have a wonderful trip; suppose you're going up the North Shore? Beautiful place. Recent rains have made all the waterfalls spectacular. Enjoy your trip.

  4. I've been having a piece or two of dark chocolate each day for a while. Can't say that I notice any difference in my upper arms, but I'll keep trying. :)

  5. Boy to have your problem....ha ha
    I wish I could skip a few meals and loose a few pounds but that just doesn't seem to happen. Frustrating.
    However, since I don't have my gallbladder any longer I guess I can eat TOO much. The excitement is building on our end too.

  6. If chocolate is a muscle builder, I should look like Arnold Schwarzenegger:)

  7. Excitement can cause so many things. But I knew you would get things done.

  8. Excitement can cause so many things. But I knew you would get things done.

  9. Sounds like you got some pretty good excitement going on over there & planning & packing is a couple of the greatest things about traveling. My favorite part is walking out to the vehicle for the final time, turning on that ignition key, pulling the gear shift lever down, pressing on the gas pedal & finally heading on down the road. I just love that part.....

  10. Try to eat really healthy stuff, chocolate is good.

    Seriously do take care. I had gallstones many years ago and it flared up everytime something got me excited like taking part in a beach carnival followed by a friend's 21st party. Looking back excitement was more of a trigger than what I ate.

    You'll be fine once you set off.