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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Last day prep

I woke up not feeling so great this morning even though I got a decent night's sleep.  Since I don't feel the B-12 shot has me bursting with energy I decided not to get another one, but maybe I should rethink that and get one more before I leave for NY.

Because of the heat yesterday - still 95 at 8 pm - I decided to just do a short walk inside the park.  I was afraid I'd get down by the river and not feel like walking back.  I did a few yoga stretches to make up for the shorter walk.

I don't know how Donald is going to fit everything in their van for our trip, but i am taking my things over to their house today and see how he's doing.  They always take so much stuff because of the kids.  I need to go back and lighten my own duffle bag - this is camping and I don't need to wear a different outfit for each day.  A couple of our stops will be at rustic cabins with no showers, but we also will be staying at lodges and inns, and those will be clean-up times! 

I dropped off my stuff to be packed in the van, but when I got home I remembered a few more things.  The coffee caraffe & filter, of all things!  Jeannie ground fresh coffee beans this morning so we will have a good start to the day.

Since it is going to 103 today I think I'll skip my walk, but plan to do some hikes every day while we are gone.  

Does anyone else have the same problem I do with passwords?  It is getting to be just too much - I already have a 4 page Word document listing all the passwords I have, and it seems that the P/W thing is spreading to areas that shouldn't require one.  I'm fed up with the whole thing.

I feel a nap coming on so I'd better get the rest of my packing done before I succumb to the couch.  I hope I will be energized once we hit the road!


  1. jumping jeeez, Gypsy... that makes me tired.. FOUR pages! of passwords??? what in the world?

    I have four I use every day. I have hmmm probably 20-30 I log into ever now and then ... like YouTube and my insurance ... and so forth.

    Those I have written down in a notebook with my files. I was afraid to put them online while traveling.

    I had Firefox erase all history as well as not remember any passwords.

    You can tell your browser to remember them. I may start doing that now that I'm home.

    The four I use everyday, I remember. Keeps the brain cells lubricated ... haha

    For user on those four, I use the same thing ... then each password is unique. I relate the password to the site in some fun manner so I can remember.

    If it's like a retail environment, I let the browser remember that. even Amazon or my public library system. Stuff that doesn't get hacked by hackers ... I mean they got to be pretty bored to hack a library or Sears stuff.

    But then I'm not a hacker so don't know how hackers think. rat bastards.

    Hot here today ... staying inside and cool with iced tea and uncluttering stuff.

    and watching Westerns on the teevee... good grief. mean. I forget how we treated our Indians in film as well as the horses!

    not easy to watch .. why am I? I dunno... get tired and sit down and see what's happening... mean mean mean

    especially the girls who were captured by the Indians and were rescued later... the ol white women were mean mean mean

    these old Westerns are mean.

    I could be bored ~

  2. I am sure you will perk right up once you hit the road. Have fun and enjoy the trip.

  3. You need to get the B-12 shots on a regular basis for a few months before you stop them. Then you need to have your blood checked to see if your body is absorbing B-12 like it's supposed to without the shots. My body doesn't absorb B-12 from food so I have to have the shots for the rest of my life. Have a great time on the trip. I think you will have a ball.

  4. All the best on your upcoming camping trip. You are a much braver soldier than I am......

  5. I so hope this camping trip makes you feel do good. Always seems to when you get out in nature. The heat will be hard to deal with though. We are getting rain here right now thank goodness. Maybe it will cool things off a bit. Can't wait to hear about your trip

  6. Sure hope you enjoy your trip and feel better..
    I too cannot stand all the passwords. I have them all written on index cards and if I lose those I will be lost..

  7. I bet once you get out of such outrageous heat you will feel fine. Heat zaps all my energy. It is ridiculous about the passwords. I decided to use two different short phrases and now the trouble is, which one did I use on which site??