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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nothing to report

The past couple of days have not produced anything to write a blog about! This morning Jeannie and I walked for an hour, and was I ever glad when she called "time". My legs were sore, but I didn't feel the soreness for long. I spent the afternoon at her house, and we were joined by my sister, Amy.

So nothing new on the seller's front, and I know it will come about in good time so I will try to wait patiently until it happens. I am okay with it because I know if it doesn't sell in time I will just tow it to Lassen for 6 weeks. Of course I would prefer to take something much smaller, but it's good to have a backup plan. I have much less patience with my eyes.


  1. Yes, I know what you mean by those 'nothing' days. It's like trying to pull a rabbit out of hat at the end of the day & some days are just more 'nothing' than others!!

  2. Relaxing days are great. I'd like to have a few myself right about now. I hope your eyes "see" improvement this week. Blog on about that and let us all know. We care!

  3. Good luck in selling your Fiver and hopefully your eyes will be well soon. Enjoy your apartment for the time being, Lassen will be here soon enough, ☺

  4. At least you seem to be surrounded by your family, Gypsy, so that makes these nothing days a lot better than they used to be when you were thousands of miles away! I still enjoy reading your blog even if you think it's a 'nothing' day!!

  5. Seems like all I do is work around the house and go to Doctor's appointments. But then that's a lot of this retired type of life.