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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I love that dog!

Lady was relaxing on the patio today, and I had the front door open so she could go in and out. I decided to make some tuna salad for my lunch, and got the can of tuna from the cabinet. When I opened the drawer to find the can opener, Lady walked in, did that shake that dogs do, and practically smiled at me expectantly. I always let her have the juice from the tuna rather than pour it down the sink, and she was ready!

But how did she know? I didn't make any noise retrieving the can, and I hadn't yet started to rummage through the drawer. It's sort of like when I'm in another room and start to tie the shoelaces on my gym shoes. They are my "going for a walk shoes", and she knows. But tying shoelaces doesn't make any sound, and I just don't understand what "clicks" for her. I wish I understood what she was thinking better than I do, although I know the signs for the important stuff.

My internet connection today has been dismal. I haven't been able to keep a connection for longer than ten minutes, and rarely that long, and I don't think I can do anything about it. I am really trying to stay with this air card until the contract expires (next January), rather than pay the early termination fee. Plus, I'm hoping there will be something superior to MiFi by the time I'm ready to buy another connection device. My neighbor back at Fort Pulaski had MiFi and it was great, but she said the drawback is that you can't connect it to an antenna as you can with an aircard.

I have a big gripe with the cell phone and internet service providers - with the giant leaps in technology I just don't believe they couldn't give us something better, and probably for a lower price.


  1. Dogs are definitely smarter than us. I'm convinced of it. They are so wonderful. Your Lady seems like such a great companion, Gypsy. I'm glad you two have each other.

  2. I am far more relaxed, happy, & comfortable, around my animal pals than I am with people.......