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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Internet access

I checked Verizon's internet as well as Comcast - in both cases you either have to be a current customer and/or get at least two different items - phone service, cable TV, etc. in order to qualify. I'm not sure any of the major companies would even sell you just internet access, though I may be wrong. I don't want to bother paying for a land phone line right now when I have a few more months on my Verizon cell phone commitment; I don't have or want to buy a TV, and it wouldn't make sense to get one just so I could get internet access. I think I'm outta luck!

I guess I'll continue with the air card until it breaks or my contract expires. While MiFi sounds good, I'm not sure it would be any better in this location. Better the devil you know than the one you don't know.

The hummingbirds continue to provide entertainment, and the nectar goes steadily down. This morning I saw a squirrel in the tree outside my patio, looking directly at the other feeders. A bit later I caught him hanging to a post and barely reaching the bird seed. I chased him away and moved the feeder over a bit so that he can't reach it in that way. I'm sure he will eventually go on the roof and hang upside down while eating his fill. That's when the feeding is over. I wish they didn't have to ruin everything. With all the oak trees around I can't believe they can't find enough acorns.

It's a beautiful day today, with the temps in the shade at about 70. Perfect! I just can't get up the energy to do anything, but I will go to the bbq at Jeannie & Donald's house on Monday.


  1. We just have internet access on our Verizon card & nothing else. We put the card on hold while in Canada because we can't use it up here or if we did it would be super expensive I think.
    Yes, very disappointing about the squirrels ripping off the bird seed all the time. In past years I've just got fed up with it all & took all the feeders down. So far this year I am hanging in there despite the Chipmunks, Squirrels, & now a Raccoon. It never ends!!!!

  2. Those squirrels are crafty, that's for sure. When we lived in our house in Olympia we had woods behind us and the squirrels were everywhere. They would even come up on the deck and look inside our livingroom sliding door waiting for food to come out. We managed to keep the bird feeders going but it took a lot of effort. Maybe you can outsmart them!!!

  3. I kinda like watching the squirrels, they are so funny. Don't know why, just a "rat" with a busy tail! They do make bird feeders that are squirrel proof.

  4. Check with the 3 G store on the internet.


    I purchased our verizon wireless card and a cradle point router from them and it is the only service that we have from Verizon.

    We exclusively use the verizon air card when we are in the RV, and here at our lake place.

  5. Didn't you purchase a Wilson amplifier out east? That might help your internet reception.

  6. I live in Olympia and I have high speed internet only through Comcast it was on special for 6 months at 39.95 per month with free instalation no long term commitment. Seems strange that they don't offer just internet everywhere.

    Good luck on your search

  7. We have Verizon service for our air card only. In January we bought our Verizon usb760 air card from letstalk.com and our cradlepoint 1000 router from pcconnection.com We only use it when we are traveling our monthly fee from Verizon is $60 and we can turn it off twice a year when we aren't traveling for a long period.