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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shopping Sunday

I left home really early this morning - Jeannie called me at 7:30 to see if I wanted to walk. Of course I'll take the exercise when I can get it, and after an hour of it we went back to her house for breakfast. She offered to take me to a couple of stores that I needed to go to, and Donald and the little girls decided to come too. It was a delightful family outing. For an older person, being with younger folks can help your perspective from a young person's point of view; while you might not always agree with it, it certainly doesn't hurt to keep an open mind.

The most difficult part of it for me is the time that it takes to do anything. I'm used to jumping in the car or truck, driving to where I need to shop, quickly locating the things I want to look at and then checking out and going home. It is never simple when you add people to the equation, especially two little people. But the fun of it all greatly overrides my cranky old nature!

At Target Autumn started asking for "Dora" bandaids. If you aren't around little kids, Dora and Diego are two animated characters that are featured in a learning series on TV (as opposed to simply mindless entertainment). At least this is how I understand it. Autumn loves anything with "Dora" on it, so she wanted "Dora" bandaids. I could see that Jeannie was preoccupied, and being a grandmother just itching to spoil my grandkids, I took her by the hand and we went in search of Dora. When we found the bandaids, Autie couldn't decide if she wanted Dora or Strawberry Shortcake, so of course I bought a box of each. When we were in the car driving to our next stop Jeannie saw that she had 3 bandaids on each leg! Then she got afraid that it would hurt to take them off, which if you have hair on your legs or arms does hurt to take a bandaid off. Her dad came to her assistance, and all is well again.

When we got back to my apartment Donald assembled a gas tabletop grill that I had bought, and it took him probably 3 times longer than what the instructions predict. I took one look at the instructions a couple of days ago and told him I would throw the whole thing over the patio fence before I would even try assembling it, so he offered to do it for me. It is all assembled now and waiting for me to fire it up and cook something.

I bought a very nice lounger for my patio and for when I'm camping. It reclines enough that I can take naps on it, and I think I will try it out tomorrow unless the predicted rain falls in Sacramento.

The few bucks here and a few more there, and my checking account is getting down to where I need to stay home for a while. One good grocery shopping trip should be the biggest expenditure for the rest of May.


  1. I hate that checking account stuff.

  2. I shop like you do. In & out with the precision of a military mission. Aside from Kelly I wouldn't even remotely consider going shopping with another person & yet I see women doing that all the time. Must be a women's thing but Kelly is a lone shopper like I am. Guess I"ve never understood that need for people to be doing every little thing together all the time. Well, maybe I understood it years ago.....but not no more.

  3. Personally, I love grocery shopping, but for anything else I have my list and am on a mission. I especially hate shopping on the weekends. Ugh!

  4. I'm like you with shopping, I know what I want before I go, into the store, buy it and get out! Paulette's a browser, so I usually don't go with her unless there's a nice bench to sit on and read. Those BBQ's that need to be put together are all the same - impossible to understand instructions!

  5. I agree being with the kids. You learn a lot of what's going on and what the younger people are thinking. We're with an 11 yr old. We're learning a LOT.

  6. LOVE your bandaid story... how cute!~

    Yes, I hate the shopping too, and like to get in and out with what we need. I work too hard for my money to blow it on nonsense or browse for things I *might* want. Rather spend it on fuel and campground fees! LOL

    Karen and Steve
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