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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Moving day for my neighbor

My upstairs neighbor, Brandi, the woman who is moving to Oregon to have yet another cornea transplant, had the movers come today for the things she is taking with her. I am going to miss her, and hope they don't find a tenant who likes to turn the base up on his or her stereo, or otherwise make a lot of noise. This is a very quiet little spot in the apartment complex, and I would hate to see it change.

I got caught by the census lady this afternoon. Someone opened the gate and then shut it quickly as Lady went to check it out. But unfortunately I was sitting on my new lounge chair and didn't know she was from the census. She really ticked me off - I only answered a few of her questions, and I think she rolled her eyes at everything I said. I am sure her supervisor will make a follow up call, and I just won't answer to anyone I don't know from now on. A nicer person would obtain a lot better cooperation.


  1. Gypsy, you are well on your way to earning your very own Cursmudgeon degree!!

  2. Just give them your rank and number, Gypsy, nothing else!

  3. I was wondering....do we HAVE to answer their questions? What if we refuse?

  4. We had the census workers (man and woman) come to our campground in Santee, CA. They went through the census questions quickly with us and were very polite. We asked them where we would be counted in CA or SD our residency and they weren't really sure.

  5. I agree with Rick, name rank and seriel number, insist on being treated humanely under he Geneva Convention. So far either we have escaped them or Rigg's licked them off the property.We don't care for unprofessional conduct from an person who is doing a service task. If they don't like it. They can leave. Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna.

  6. We had a fine experience with the census guy. He came well before we were supposed to complete our forms, asked some questions politely, wished us well and departed. No problems here.

  7. Gypsy,

    I am with you on this one. To get respect, show respect or get out of my face.

    I didn't get an update notice so
    I guess our plan didn't work, but I will just check in daily like usual. Thanks for your effort. Pidge

  8. Gypsy,

    Will miss your daily writtings, but do understand. The most important thing right now is getting that eye better.