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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I ventured out today

I went to the library this morning as soon as it opened at 10 am. The books are in such disarray compared to how they should be shelved. I found a book on CD, plus another in large print, which is much easier to read until my eyesight improves. I don't know how I'll do with the book on CD - the only other one I ever tried was James Joyce's "Ulysses", which is as difficult to listen to as it is to read. I think I remember getting through the first chapter!

When I got in the check-out line a lady behind the desk asked if I wanted her to show me how to use self-check-out. First the home improvement stores and Walmart, then the grocery stores, and now the library. I said "no thanks, I'll just wait", and she then told me she would check me out anyway. She said the library wanted them to begin trying to get patrons to use self-checkout, no doubt so they can reduce their staff even more. I told the librarian that I had recently had eye surgery and didn't see that well to begin with - she could see that by what I was checking out.

I detest self-checkout as I feel if a company wants me to spend my money they can at least check me out with my purchases. It is hard enough to find an employee to ask anything beyond the simplest question as it is. I often wonder what this country is coming to - when a store that sells goods mostly made in China won't even hire an American at the cash register.

I intended to do some shopping in an area I've been in before but am not very familiar with. I find it is difficult to tell at a glance what stores are in a particular grouping, so I never did find what I was looking for. Realizing that I shouldn't take my eyes off the road long enough to identify all the stores around me, I decided to head for the Bel Air grocery that I usually shop in. I had taken the dog with me so I noticed some parking places in good shade - when I got there I noticed two dog catcher vehicles. The guys in uniforms were standing outside their vehicles talking, and I didn't dare leave my dog in the truck that close to them, so I found another part of the lot that was still relatively cool. It was probably the quickest trip through the grocery I've made for a while, but I worried about the truck getting warm. It was fine when I got back, and she was sleeping, as usual.

Tomorrow morning I am going to make a trip to my RV and look for a couple of items that I'm missing - one is the original XP disk that came with my Dell desktop. The Dell actually came with a couple of printed instruction books, so I just might read up on formatting the hard drive and see if I can possibly do it myself. I would like to be able to get it functioning fairly well, as it was completely awful right before I got my Mac. There isn't a lot of memory, although I did add some to it. It's been a long time since I've understood computers, which were much simpler when they ran on the DOS operating system.

I've decided I'm going to drive somewhere at least once a day, not far, but I'm going to get out and about. I can't stand it when I get depressed as I have been lately. When I got back home and backed into my parking spot, I did it perfectly on the first try. That isn't an easy thing to do with concrete curbs all over the place, and all I could say was "Damn, I'm good!"


  1. I can guarantee you, I could not back up that truck into any parking spot. Glad you got out today.

  2. Good to see you got out and around even if you ended up getting tormented by more automated devices! I have to admit, I do use the self-checkouts if there is a lineup for the cashiers. I kind of like swiping those barcodes over the glass readers!

  3. I think we tried out one of those self check out things at Wal-Mart down south one time a couple of years ago. I think we totally embarrassed ourselves by fumbling through the instructions & incurred the wrath of about 642 impatient & fidgeting Wal-Mart shoppers in line behind us. That was the end of that & we never went near another retail self anything ever again!!

  4. I'm with you Gypsy, If they want my money they can supply an employee to collect it. I am checker challenged, but I used to feel the same way about unpaid reserve cops, why have somebody doing your job that you are getting paid for, for nothing, would I go to the auto assembly plant and put a shift in on the assembly line for free, That's exactly what is happening in today's retail stores, the more people will do for free, the less employee's there will be.Be safe out there Sam & Donna..

  5. Good for you, Gypsy, glad to see you're getting out and about.

    I use the self checkout at grocery/Walmarts because I hate standing in line to give someone my money. There's always someone there to supervise you should you have a problem.

  6. Good for you to get out and about... and yes, we don't care for those self-checkout things either. I keep worrying we didn't scan something right, and then the sirens will go off and lights and beeps and officers will come to arrest as we try to make our way out the door!

    Karen and Steve
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  7. Gypsy, you have commented on our blog several times, but this is our first visit to you. We'll be back. Suzy and I will use the self checkout at Lowe's sometimes, if we have a fairly simple stack of stuff. Actually, since we both usually use one of their motorized shopping carts if we can find them, the helper clerk often comes over and runs the items herslef, so we get service in the self-serve lane! Enjoyed reading your story -- keep going!

  8. Gypsy, sorry it is taking time for your eyes to feel better.
    I think you are experiencing "hitch itch". Hope you can get out and about more and more.
    One thing about you, you don't give up! You go girl....

  9. Glad you got out and about today as you had wished. As to the computer, if you can't find the original CD's, give Dell support a call with the particulars of your computer and operating system version. They might be able to provide "restoration disks" for next to nothing that will do the job for you. Good luck!

  10. Our library here is free and knowing that all budgets are being cut I can see the need to have to cut staff. I don't want them to be pink slipped - we love our librarians - but it has to be done and since we aren't paying their salaries I will happily use self checkout to ease their burden a bit.

    And if you can drive and back into your parking space with having eye surgery then you i bet you can easily use the self checkout - it is large, clear print instructions and easy as pie and it prints out a list of what you checked out. It is nothing like Wal Mart or the grocery store, especially since you don't have to submit payment.

    I only like the self checkouts at the grocery store [never go to Walmart] if I have one or two items because invariably there will be some yahoo in the express lane with an entitlement complex that feels that he/she doesn't have to have 10 items or less - with self checkout I can get out faster and painfree :D