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Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday's venture onto the roads

I drove into Rancho Cordova today, taking great care with my route. I didn't have any problems with traffic, but I had plenty with concrete barriers in parking lots. Have I said how I hate those things? I got my dog some biscuits for treats at PetsMart, and then drove to a store to get myself some little odds and ends. I feel so much more useful when I can do things for myself, and it is easy to become lazy when you allow others to chauffeur you back and forth.

We are invited to Steve & Meg's for a bbq tomorrow evening so I have no choice but to ride along with someone. Driving in the dark would be a killer for me.

Yesterday evening I watched my granddaughter's dance lesson, which is an hour and consists of ballet, tap, and jazz. I am so glad she is taking tap dancing - I showed her how the shoes can make lots of noise and how much fun it is. She picked right up on that!

After the lesson we went next door to El Pollo Feliz - the Happy Chicken - for a wonderful meal. It is a small family owned place and they do everything they can to please the customer. I ate about half a jalapeno pepper and thought I was going to go completely blind! Several glasses of water later, I could see and talk again. I love that spicy stuff.


  1. I have never understood the logic of why anyone would intentionally want to set their mouth on fire!!

  2. I agree with Brady Bunch. Spicy is not for me.

    But your little dancer is such a cutie.

  3. Loved those pics, Gypsy! What a precious granddaughter you have.

    Spicy? Maybe a little but not HOT HOT HOT.

    Have a good weekend. Congrats on the driving.

  4. Mmmmm did someone say peppers?????

  5. Great pics of the granddaughters! I envy you the jalapeno - they're great even though they burn for a while. Next best thing is horseradish so hot is makes your eyes water and your sinuses scream!

  6. We tend to stay away from jalapeno peppers, but we love mild chilies! Horseradish is good too, as Rick says. Suzy makes a fried egg sandwich for breakfast sometimes, and uses horseradish generously on that. Cute granddaughter!

  7. Oh what a sweet darling! Clearly she is the most wonderful dancer and even her costume stands out from the rest! What a cutie!!!

    Karen and Steve
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  8. If you get a hold of a pepper that is too hot don't drink water or soda pop, they add to the fire. A spoon of sour cream, some yogurt or a milk based drink will help cool off the mouth. This was advise from an Indian lady as I was trying some curry she had made. Boy was it good, but a little too warm for my taste buds. Judy