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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome home!

This evening's get together at the Old Spaghetti Factory was a surprise welcome home from college for Ara. She thought it was just her Mom and family, and Grandma, but Joe & Sarah, and Amy & Stephanie, and her friend Christina were there when we arrived.

Donald made a cake that looked like a big plate of spaghetti with meatballs on top. The meatballs were made from cream filled chocolate, and the cake had strawberries in between the layers. Wonderful!

I wore my white capris (and didn't even spill spaghetti sauce on them), and my mother kept quiet about it. It is said that time and space exists only in our earthly lives, so perhaps in heaven, where my mother undoubtedly is, the old "Not before Memorial Day and not after Labor Day Rule" is not a big deal.

For some reason my hair looked more gray tonight than it usually does. That didn't make me feel very lovely. Sometimes I just hate growing older, but I'm not ready to stop dead in my tracks!


  1. A cake that looked like a plate of spaghetti....now that's an interesting concept.

  2. Gypsy, you look wonderful. Looks like you are very happy being around family..

  3. I looked at the pictures before I read your whole Blog and was thinking how nice your hair looked, Grey Power, don't forget, you earned it!

  4. Man if that was my granddaughter I'd want her locked up in a convent somewhere. She is soooo cute.

    I know how you feel about gray hair but compared to my white stuff you don't have much gray. Sometimes I look in a mirrow and all I see if my mother. I, too, am not going down without a struggle.

    I once made a cake that looked like a hamburger. It was so fun. I love the spaghetti cake.

  5. Nothing wrong with a bit of grey hair, or a lot in my case! I always remember hearing about that "no wearing white" before and after etc. etc. while I was growing up. Glad to see you broke the rule - nothing like being a rebel once in a while!

  6. Sis,

    That's not gray, that's Platinum! It looks great on you.