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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A short trip and some research

I drove over to the RV storage lot this morning and found a few things to bring back. The RV interior looks pretty good, although I only let out the bed slide, but I don't miss living in it. I can see how someone might love it as their rolling home, but I just don't care for it as a permanent lifestyle. It's my hope to find the right person to buy it, and now that Steve is back from NY maybe the ad can go back up and he can get calls again. He told me that the guy in Washington state keeps calling about the truck, which I'm plenty glad to let go after I sell the 5ver.

As I have mentioned, I bumped up my visit to the eye surgeon by about 2 weeks, and I finally got up the nerve to do some research on the internet. I almost hate to do that for any ailment, because it normally isn't a good idea to diagnose oneself (which I do anyway). I found that cataract surgery is the most common surgery in the world, as well as the most perfected procedure.

Most people's vision is noticeably improved within a few days, and that's how I remember it from last year. But having cloudy vision in the newly operated eye is not uncommon by any means, and can last up to several months. They figure it can take up to a max of 6 months for recovery, and lord I hope I don't have to wait that long.

Once in a while a procedure is required using a laser, which is supposedly very quick and painless, to "tweak" the eye. If that is required for me, then I'm ready for it to be done. I know I've complained way too much about this, and I apologize sincerely to anyone who is facing the surgery. In almost every case there is no problem at all, and I wish you a speedy recovery. For some reason this is my lot and I will deal with it, maybe not as gracefully and as graciously as I could. I am relieved that there may be a simple fix that will result in my vision returning completely.

Besides my Dell XP disk, I brought back my Coleman lantern from the RV, and the air mattress. I'm ready to go camping! I still have a telescope under the bed, plus the contents of the basement, most of which I will probably toss. I never want to look at any kind of a hose again, except for possibly a car washing device!

And finally, I again did a flawless job of backing into my parking space here at the apartment. Many thanks to the folks who suggested I do that, because it's so much easier to get into the space and to pull out of.


  1. After having cataract operations on both of my eyes I had the laser treatment done. It was a piece of cake and hardly took any time at all. Good luck Gypsy ☺ Hope you can sell you Fiver soon.

  2. I hope your eye problems get resolved soon, Gypsy. I know it can be frustrating to wait and wait and wait.

    I'm sure you are really enjoying your apt. life. You must like being able to turn on the tap and not have to first go out and hook something up. :) You did well in your fulltime journey and you've had that experience. As they say, "been there, done that".

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Hi Gypsy....I have been enjoying your blog for a year, although I do not comment often. I too had cataracts removed from both eyes.It is not uncommon for one or both eyes to develop what they call PCO or(posteriorAnterior capsular opacification! Mine did & I had the laser treatment which as Vera said: was a piece of cake! Don't wait too long to have it done though!

  4. This eye problem is sure giving you a bad time. I hope you are able to get if taken care of soon by "tweaking" with a laser if that's what's required. Sounds like you've at least got the backing in down pat - even with only one good eye!

  5. I would be very frustrated as well if I had that cataract surgery & things weren't progressing as expected. I think anyone would.

    Backing into spaces with a vehicle is a very good habit to get into. Been doing that for many years now & I rarely ever just drive into a spot & park. Yes, I've toppled a few tall oak trees & moved some mighty large buildings off their foundations over the years, but I still back in most places I go......

  6. Sounds like it's a good thing you moved up your appointment. How frustrating for you. Hope a laser blast speeds things up for you, if needed.

  7. Best of success from your new followers, still working on Our Life on Wheels! We are temporarily sidelined with medical things, but hope to get back in the saddle regularly.

  8. I am glad you are getting better. What about your Lassen "gig"? Are you still planning to go? I creamed the garbage can rack backing in my drive way las Thursday. I was so sick, don't know why I decided to back in,but I usually do.