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Monday, May 10, 2010

Springtime took a runner

It's currently about 45F this afternoon, which is not what I remember as typical Sacramento weather in May. I shudder to think what lies ahead when it gets hot this year.

Thanks to Rick for his advice on how to get rid of red eye in a photograph. He even took one of my pictures and fixed it for me, and I can't figure out how he did it! I have tried with Picasa as well as with other photo programs, and I remember having to point the cursor on the spot I wanted to correct - of course I always got it a little off center, which made the eye look weird. I think I'll send my red eye pictures to Rick before I post them :-)))

I must have a mental block against Picasa, or else Picasa "has it in for me". Nothing I have ever tried to do with it has worked out the way I thought it would, and as anyone can tell who has read my blog for a while, I have absolutely zero patience with technology that doesn't work for me, and quickly. I won't take the time and effort if it's a long learning curve.

I tried to join a Yahoo mailing list today. I have a Yahoo account because I have been on another mailing list for years, but I couldn't remember my exact login so I tried several iterations of what I thought it was. No good. So I tried to start from scratch and create a new account. In the first place I couldn't make heads or tails out of the silly word that you have to type in - Yahoo seems to be much worse than Google in this regard, although Google is pretty lame sometimes.

I finally opened up my cheat sheet of passwords that I created in Word, and found my Yahoo information. Fine - I was able to go forward with the membership to the mailing list. This isn't trying to get into the Pentagon or the FBI or NASA headquarters - nothing like that, although the secrecy and secret words and questions would have you believe otherwise.

I was surprised that I was asked for all kinds of information including my birthdate. I tried getting by with just the month, but Yahoo wasn't having any of that. I deducted ten years and went on to the next trap. I had to select two secret questions AND provide the correct answers for them, and the list of questions they gave me to select from was pretty dismal. What was the first street you ever lived on? What was your first pet's name? It went on in this vein, and I suppose if I was ten years younger I could remember the first street I lived on and my first pet's name, but the lie was already entered. I finally selected "Where did you go on your honeymoon?" Note, they didn't specify first honeymoon, but I gave the answer for the first anyway. Then came the worst part - another of those silly words in some sort of foreign letters - could have been the cyrilic alphabet as far as I know.

I must have passed the test because I'm "in with Flynn"! I wonder if it was worth it, and if I will ever subject myself to that sort of ridiculous exercise again as long as I live.


  1. I'm laughing so hard at this blog. I just got "cut off" by yahoo because I took out the address. It shut me down within and hour. I finally got hold a person on the chat help. He reset me, but said I had to put in an address. I wasn't about to give good info, but for what it wants, I've answered it. I'm back to normal. As for the word, it prevents spam. It gives you a couple tries, thank goodness. Good luck.

  2. Gypsy, you are such a great writer. This was a great post. I also have issues with Picassa sometimes in the editing. I do a couple of the basics with it and let it go after that. Glad you figured the yahoo thing out. :)

  3. Anytime you want a red-eye photo fixed up, just send it along, no problem. I agree with you on all of the rigamarole we have to go thru just to get signed on to some of these dumb sites!!

  4. I, too, gave up on Picasa. And it's supposed to be so user friendly. Hah! But my friend gave me Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9 and it is definitely user friendly. Don't get me wrong, there's still a lot I don't know how to do but at least I can play with it.

    We had rain and more rain this morning up here in Klamath. But sunshine this afternoon so I hope your weather got better.

  5. Your right, Picassa isn't easy right off the bat, but I really like the results. Maybe you should mail out two photos each of what you want fixed. One to Al, and one to Rick, making a contest out of it, that way they will have to do their utmost to get the best. Can't let them show one another up now, LOL.


  6. I know what you mean by having to jump over all the barrels & through all the hoops in trying to just set up something simple. Just went through all that crap on Facebook a couple days ago trying to figure out something called, Networked Blogs. Maybe it will make you feel better if I tell you that it took me a full year just to figure out the Blogger thing. If we ever meet up on the road I'd be happy to help you with the Picasa stuff.

  7. Hang in there Gypsy girl....sounds like you are on the home stretch now. One thing about the community we belong to....there is always someone who has "been there, done that" and can lend a helping hand!

  8. you had me giggling over the process to join that yahoo thingy.... still laughing. Because it's so silly what we have to do and then the spammers still get in anyhow.