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Friday, May 7, 2010

Connection problems, again!

I couldn't hold a connection at all yesterday, and it's terribly frustrating. I thought maybe my aircard/antenna setup was going bad again. So it's 8:00 am on Friday morning and I've brought the whole thing out to the patio, reasoning that my AT&T cell phone doesn't work inside the apartment, so it could be the same with my AT&T aircard. I'm sitting here in my jacket - Sacramento mornings are COLD, even when the days are warm.

I drove yesterday to get the last of my prescriptions, and then went to the library. I don't know why it is such an ordeal to get prescriptions refilled promptly in the state of CA, but I had the same problems last year, even when I had to drive 50 miles one way to the nearest pharmacy. They never have enough of what you need - "we'll give you 10, and you can pick up the rest tomorrow" seems to be their mantra. Only tomorrow they usually have an another excuse. I didn't find that in North Carolina, nor was it a problem in Georgia. It is aggravating since I only drive when my vision seems to be really good, and then it has to be a time when traffic is light, which drastically reduces my window of opportunity.

So on my 4th trip back to Bel Air Pharmacy I finally picked up the remainder of what I was prescribed. I then drove to the Fair Oaks library and checked out some books. I started one yesterday when I couldn't get connected to the internet, and read it off and on between other activities. I finally set it down at 11:30 pm with about 2 chapters to go. I haven't done that in a while!

The economy seems to have taken its toll on the library system here. Of course I compare all libraries with the branches of the Fairfax Co. VA Public Library system, and of course Fairfax Co. makes all other libraries pale by comparison - just sheer number of books, but also the staff. I don't mean to denigrate the staff at the local library here - they are friendly, helpful, and willing, but there aren't enough of them. I found books out of order all over the place, which is a "no-no" for a library. If I wasn't going to work at Lassen soon I would volunteer to come in a couple days a week and shelve (and re-shelve) books for them.

I tried my best to find something in large print that I wanted, but all books are mixed together - fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, mysteries, etc. It is frustrating to have to look through them. I guess if I didn't have something to complain about I would have to invent something!


  1. Hey Gypsy, I'm a good complainer inventer......need some tips:))

  2. Gypsy, are you aware that even Wal-Mart will MAIL you your prescriptions? I suggest you seek a Pharmacy where the Doctor can fax in your script and then have them mail it to you. You can even schedule automatic refills. Very handy when you are in one place for extended periods. Of course, DEA regulations prevent the faxing in of scripts for controlled substances (pain killers, mostly), so you have to drop off the initial prescription in person. But for everything else...

  3. Sis,

    Come on down to Livermore, and I'll show you our Library, probably one of the best and newest in California.


  4. Gypsy, reading your blog today made me feel much, much better! I haven't got half the problems you have - lol. Cheer up, the 'imps' might take the weekend off and things will get much better!

  5. Hi Gypsy - I grew up in FFX Co. and you aren't kidding about the libraries - wonderful, even way back when [I am 43 :D]

    We live in Loudoun Co. now and I have to give kudos to their librarians too because they are top notch.

    It really is too bad you can't volunteer [I understand] but you would be such a breath of fresh air for them I am sure.

  6. If your eyes trouble you when reading you could consider using audiobooks instead. I download those books from the library (free of charge) and listen to them on my MP3player. That sure saves my eyes and I can do my housework at the same time.

  7. I worked at a library for several months. I finally had to give it up because I couldn't see the letters/numbers well enough. What a job. You can do one tiny section and it's out of order before the day was done. The audio books are wonderful.