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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Trip to Fry's Choo Choo

Donald called me this afternoon and said he was taking his Mom to Fry's to look at a TV, and he knew I had been wanting to go. So we took the two little girls (Autumn and Arianna) and piled into the car. I need an external hard drive for backing up my computer on a regular basis. I just get confused when I see the products out there and worse, when they are explained to me. You don't just buy a drive - you have to format it on a PC for most of them. Any that are pre-formatted for the MAC just cost way more $$.

Note for those of you who might be new to my blog, Fry's theme is old choo choo trains. There are large ones exhibited inside, and one that is bursting through the walls in the front of the store. They are the old fashioned trains - not Amtrak. Autumn has always referred to my 5th wheel as "Nana's Choo Choo", and she always refers to Fry's as "Fry's Choo Choo".

The saleswoman told us that they are having a giant sale starting Friday, and suggested that if we could wait until then... When she explained about the formatting process I know my eyes glazed over - as if I don't have enough problems with my vision! Donald said he would do it for me, so I will go for that. We're going back on Friday. If I get a drive with enough space I might just have him format half for the PC and the other half for the MAC. The only thing I miss about the PC is the availability of the sort of games I like to play, and I don't spend that much time on them anyway.

Earlier today I drove to the grocery - one that is about 2 miles further than the one I usually shop at. Mistake! The traffic was light and I had no problems, but every time I do this I realize I should stay off the roads. What if I can't ever drive again? It doesn't bear thinking about.

I'm sure I will be able to drive, but I just wonder sometimes. While I was waiting at Fry's while the rest of them went into a video viewing room I found shelf of TV's featuring - WILLIE NELSON! I stood there spellbound, and he sang "On the Road Again" for me. I will take that as a good omen.


  1. When we got our external hard drive a year ago we just plugged it in & began transferring a lot of stuff to it. Arranged everything in files & folders & that was it. Formatting? Have I missed something here????

  2. "On the Road Again" pops into my head everytime I head out! It must be a mantra for RVers. :) I'm sure you'll be singing it again along with the rest of us!

  3. I hope you are able to get a simple 'one-click' backup solution for your Mac. Better yet, put it on an automated schedule and you shouldn't ever have to worry about it again.