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Monday, May 31, 2010

Natural Air Conditioning

My outdoor thermometer was showing 80F in the shade this afternoon, and it was much hotter out of the shade, at least 90. The indoor thermometer in my bedroom registered 68F. I sure hope this holds up as I definitely don't want to run and pay for air conditioning in the heat of the Sacramento summer. Just walking inside from the patio felt like I was entering an air conditioned room. My electric bill for the past 30 days was $31.50, just slightly over a dollar a day, and that is with everything running off electric including the water heater. Not bad at all.

I will be much warmer tomorrow when I go to Jeannie's for a bbq, but I plan to dress for it, probably capris and a tank top. They recently got a hot tub which I won't be getting into, nor will I swim in the pool. For those of you who don't know, I have a phobia against getting into water, on a boat or raft, etc. It gets worse as I get older, but I just stay away from situations that I know will trigger the anxiety. When it comes to boats, I don't think I could get on a cruise ship any easier than into a canoe or rowboat, and I definitely prefer the mountains to the sea. That makes it all the more surprising that I enjoyed Savannah as much as I did.

I have a lot to do tomorrow morning before I leave, and I should be getting to get a little earlier tonight. However, I got engrossed in Bayfield Al's recommendation for a website called "Closer to Truth", and have spent a lot of time (and no doubt, bandwidth) watching it this evening.

I think I am experiencing an improvement in my eye, although it varies throughout the day and I still can't focus very well. At least I can hold out hope of returning to decent vision in the future. I will never again take eyesight for granted.


  1. Sounds like you've got your own cool little "cave" in your apt. Gypsy! Enjoy the bbq today - glad to hear your eyesight seems to be improving a bit too.

  2. Capri's and a tank top!! We're beginning to think we need web feet up here on the Columbia River. We leave tomorrow - now watch the rain follow us to Montana.