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Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm counted!

I decided to call the help line and give the census info over the phone, with my residence being the one in SD. If the lady who visited me yesterday had not been so rude I might have decided to be counted in CA, but this is the way I did it. It didn't seem right not being counted, although I did refuse to answer questions on race and national origin, which is entirely permissible.

Having dealt with the census from its inception in connection with genealogy research, I think this one is pretty dismal. I guess it's ok though because it can't be accessed by the public for over 70 years, and by then a researcher will only have to google my name and get much more info than the census could ever provide.

Late yesterday afternoon my bird feeder was visited for the first time, by two lovely birds that I couldn't identify. I was looking through the window from my living room and didn't want to make any quick moves and frighten them away, and it was really difficult to see them enough to even get a good description. I thought I saw a bit of reddish orange on the head and also in the tail feathers. With my sight, who knows - it might have been the sun shining in such a way as to change their color. Other than what I perceived to be the reddish color, they were a dull, mottled tan. I sure hope they come back and bring their friends and relatives.

I have a "sock" with thistle hanging as well but so far no finches have visited it. The hummingbird feeder gets a lot of traffic. I love watching the birds and wish I had a bit more space for a birdbath and a couple of other feeders.

I realize how negative I've become lately, and I hope I get back to a more positive outlook once I can see better. This is like living in a very dirty glass house that you can't clearly see out of. I'm thinking about suspending the blog entries until I see the eye surgeon on Wednesday and get some sort of idea what I can look forward to.


  1. Naw, keep the blogs coming Gypsy. I fall pray to those down days too & put out some pretty negative stuff but I figure it's better to be honest with one's feelings instead of glossing things over like many do. Say it like it is & tell em how ya feel. Remember, some days are diamonds & some days are stones.........:))

  2. I agree with Al, keep 'em coming, Gypsy. I'd miss you!

  3. Ya you have friends out here, we don't care what your mood is, heck ours might not be much better!

  4. I agree with everybody else. I would miss not having my Gypsy fix every day.

  5. I always look for your Blog and am disappointed when you don't write one once in awhile. Please keep it up.

  6. Oh Gypsy, we love reading your blog as you transition back into a stix n brix, plus I am sure you were intersperse tidbits of camping trips, family stuff and all those goodies that make your blog all about YOU!

    Keep it up, we are here!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. It's OK to be down sometimes and let others know about it. Anyone who doesn't want to read that can just skip that day's post!

  8. Just think about how many readers you are making happy after they read your latest blogs, Gypsy! We walk away without a care in the world! Once your eye is 100% and your carefree and happy again, we'll have to return to our own miserable problems!

  9. yeah, i love your blog. please keep it up.