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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Laying low

I got a notice from my air card provider that I was approaching the 5GB limit. I can't understand why they say that because a check of my usage this month shows I have used just under 4GB so far, and my next billing period begins on June 6. But a warning is all I need and I intend to pretty much stay away from any internet usage that might cost me. I've often wondered whether waiting for pictures to load when reading others' blogs uses a lot of bandwidth. I usually scroll through a blog and read the text, then scroll back up to see the pictures that have been loaded. Sometimes they never load, at least while I'm on that website. I also wonder about making comments on blogs - sometimes it seems like forever for the comment to "take".

I had a very enjoyable holiday yesterday, as I hope everyone else did. The weather was warm although a bit overcast, but comfortable. The food was excellent and so was the company. Not being able to see clearly puts a damper on everything I do, however, and it is such a distraction.

When I dropped the rent check off at the office this morning, Wes told me had had a visit from the Census lady who irritated me so badly. He said she gave him the roll of the eyes on everything he said also. That woman gives the Census a bad rap, and I know they are just doing their jobs, but she certainly can't be eliciting much cooperation and absolutely no good will. I had given him a heads up that she would probably show up, and that I had told her I did not spend the night of April 1 in that apartment, which I didn't, because my bed wasn't delivered until the next day. I'm glad that is all over with now.

I called the DMV in South Dakota today to find out what I have to do when selling my SD registered RV and truck. South Dakota makes things so easy to do, and I'd love to remain a resident of that state. I can't figure out how to ethically do it once I have recovered from this surgery. I definitely don't want to live off somewhere far away from my family, even though there are several places in the country calling my name. That is the beauty of the RVing life, I guess - being able to pick up and go stay somewhere until you feel like going somewhere else. It's too bad I didn't start it several years before I did, and maybe I would have been able to accomplish more. But I don't live in the past and can't do it over again, and probably wouldn't change a thing if I could.

I also went to the CA DMV site to see what is involved with registering a vehicle in this state. What a nightmare! I don't think I can do it, and then have to jump through hoops to get a new driver's license? Forget it.


  1. Yes, that 5 Gig limit is a real pain alright. I am always annoyed while on the road when I click on somebody's blog site & music comes blaring out at me. That really hammers the bandwidth & I shut the site down immediately & don't return.

  2. I found that some blogs took a long time to load because they have so many day's posts on them. That doesn't seem to be really necessary, and would take up bandwidth.
    So I changed mine to just show 2 posts per page, so it should be quicker to load. (Settings, Formatting)
    If they want to click on "Older Post", they can!

    That was my reasoning anyway.

    I'm glad you are rid of that Census person. She rubbed you the wrong way, and you don't need that.

    That registration stuff seems to be very complicated if you change, I don't blame you for wanting to avoid it.

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX