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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Sun May Shine Again!

Things may be starting to look up, although I'm still in a turmoil as to when this sale will close. I woke up this morning and decided I would leave next Wed. the 15th for NY, and would return in about 10 days. I also decided they could hold the closing at my convenience for a change. But then I got news that things may be moving along. I think I will sign paperwork before I leave, but I will also have to close up the house as well and leave nothing behind, so I will keep busy during the next few days moving everything out. It is really difficult to anticipate what paperwork I might need to have handy, but I'll just have to take whatever I think I will need along with me. I'm getting the Jeep serviced tomorrow and I really hope & pray he will tell me the tires will make another trip to NY.

I'm also going to look at a couple of 5Vers while in NY, from a dealer I found on the web. He has two very nice used Holiday Ramblers, plus a Nu Way Hitchhiker that I think I could be happy with. All are older models but have a good reputation at that, and even the pictures show the attention to details that these manufacturers put into their products. So it would be very nice to find an RV, and of course then I would need the tow vehicle, but I would love to be able to drive it back to NC to pick up my belongings. I suppose the thing to do would be to get a flight from NY to Sioux Falls and take care of my driver's license. It's up for renewal in November, and I hate to have to get it renewed in North Carolina when I will be registering my vehicles in South Dakota. Why does everything have to happen in a rush at the last moment? I sometimes wonder if there is a quirk in my temperament and personality that requires suspense and last minute decisions. It's probably in the stars!

I've been corresponding this morning with a wonderful source of inspiration - her blog is at http://www.travelingwithfloandrida.blogspot.com/. She is a solo RVer pulling a 5th wheel, and in reading the early pages of her blog I recognize all the terrors and doubts that I'm facing right now. That goes a long way to making me feel a whole lot more confident - to find someone who has "made it" past the initial obstacles.

It rained all day yesterday and into the early morning, which I really enjoyed especially after the drought we've been in. I walked the dogs about 8:30, and when we came back down the hill it was to find everything shrouded in the mist that had crept up from the valley. I think that is the most peaceful and beautiful sight ever. Now at midday, the sun pops out of the clouds once in a while. The leaves are just beginning to turn at the higher elevations and it won't be long before they start falling AND I WON'T HAVE TO DO A THING ABOUT IT!

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