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Monday, October 27, 2008

And another delay....

Rural Dutchess County, NY, is really beautiful this time of year, with the trees all shades of red and gold. I have driven through quite a bit of it today, mostly lost. I had directions to the dog kennel but somehow got mixed up several times, but I arrived ok in the end. Dropped the dogs off for a few days, intending to leave in the morning for New Jersey and my new home on wheels. A conversation with Carolyn ended up in our deciding to delay one more day until Wednesday, since rain and wind are predicted for NJ tomorrow which would make checking out the rig a bit difficult and uncomfortable.

As I was trying to find my way to Hyde Park NY and the dog kennel I decided that I would get a GPS for sure, even though my son drove to the same kennel this time a year ago and we got lost going by his GPS directions. I really don't think I have ever felt the need for one, except for when I tried to find the train station in Greensboro NC back in August, although that was in the middle of the night which isn't a good time for me to be driving. I'll keep an open mind to getting GPS anyway.

My daughter-in-laws parents fixed a meal for us last night, of baccalao, which they usually make when I'm in town, and which I really love. We had vinho verde to go with it, and I was a happy camper. (Baccalao is codfish, vinho verde is a "green wine", I guess so called because the grapes are new, or "green". Any Portuguese out there who can say?)

So as of now I am still homeless, but hopefully only have two more days to go.


  1. This "Pork-Chop" says, yes, you are correct. Vinho verde is "young" wine, so be sure to drink it before it ages too much, within a year of bottling, at least that's what the wine snobs say. And yes, bacalhau is awesome. If we can ever get you to visit us in California, I will make my version, which I got from my Tia Maria. Remember, we have a lot of room for you to park that 5-ver. Have fun with Mike and Sandy and their boys!


  2. Hi, Sis!

    While I'm not Portuguese, I've been married to one for twenty-one years now, and I was all set to affirm your last post, but I see my lovely wife already did so. I'd suggest buying a GPS that also functions as a bluetooth hands-free phone. Sure beats having to fish around for the phone when driving, and fewer states are allowing anything but hands-free usage now anyway.