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Monday, October 13, 2008

The days dwindle down to a precious few.....

And the days are dwindling down to what I think of as "D" Day - I'll be Done gone and outta this house and be on my way north. The RV I've been longing for is in storage in New Jersey, and I really believe it will work for me. I've spent a few hours yesterday evening and this morning talking to the owner and she has told me a lot about the unit as well as things that would be good for me to do - take the RV driving course first off! It's a bit pricey and I will have to see how things work out with the house. There will be so many places to put the little bit of money I end up with from the sale.

I cooked a really big pan of dover sole for dinner last night, and no amount of Febreze can neutralize the faint aroma of fish in the house, so I opened a couple of windows. The fish was sooo good. When I lived in Ireland I ate fish every day, but since I lived near where the boats brought it in, it was so fresh there was never an odor to it.

I just talked to the attorney's office and they think closing could be "sometime this week". How in the world can I ever get ready for it??? I'm cooking my last frozen pizza in the oven this evening, and I have a half box of ice cream to eat (which is more difficult than it sounds), and I think I will toss most everything else. Except the Miller High Life, of course - that will get me through!

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