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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quiet Sunday

It's been a real quiet day here. I'm still in pj's at nearly 5 pm. I decided early on that I wouldn't go out to buy a Sunday newspaper, so there was no need to get dressed! I love lazy Sundays and just wish I was lazing in an RV at some great boondocking site in one of the National parks.

I am presently located about 10 miles (as the crow flies) south of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I have a fine view of the mountains, and I think if I could see just a bit farther east I would be looking at Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi. Maybe I can see it and just can't tell; I think I'm due south of Craggy Gap, for those of you who have traveled the Parkway. The mountaintops have a definite red cast to them now, so the trees at the higher elevations must be in full color. I would love to take a drive and see, but I don't like driving in traffic which there is sure to be a lot of on a beautiful sunny day such as this. I'm also still in the mindset of conserving fuel, even though I saw gas as low as $3.15/gal yesterday. Wow, can you believe that 3.15 sounds cheap!

I'll cook my supper soon, the last time I will cook anything in this house - I hope. Yesterday I made one last trip to an large organic supermarket (Earth Fare) on the other side of town and bought some dover sole filets. I haven't cooked fish for a while because I didn't want the smell to linger when I was showing the house. Now I don't give a damn if it smells like a fish market and wish the buyer's walk through was tomorrow. I guess you can tell I'm getting tired of waiting around.

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