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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nothing new

I am so bored although there is plenty I could be doing. A team came yesterday morning and worked for several hours doing whatever extra it is that FHA requires. I confirmed that they were at the correct address, and then let them get to it. The real estate agent was here and she dealt with the "boss man". The three workers who had to do the dirty part of the job in the crawl space were Mexican, so I practiced my rusty Spanish on them. They were cheerful and hard working, and since the boss left for a few hours, I provided the workers with lunch and bottled water. Hopefully the job can be re-inspected by FHA next week and we will be close to closing.

I am still spending most of my time researching RV's online. There seem to be some good deals on new RVs listed on eBay, but the dealership is hundreds of miles from me and the logistics of it are too much for me to deal with. If I drove all that way to inspect a unit and then decided it wasn't the quality I wanted, then where would I be? I guess if I placed a bid which was accepted I would be obligated. I emailed the dealership with a question which wasn't answered for a few days (after the closing of bids on the unit, matter of fact). In the meantime I spoke on the phone with one of their salesmen. Then the owner called me with regard to my email. He ended up saying to me "You don't know what you want, so I can't help you until you know". This was because I had questions about two different models. When I related this to my real estate agent we both had a good laugh, just trying to imagine one of their agents saying that to a potential buyer. Maybe the guys at this RV dealership haven't heard the news about the downturn in the economy and the shaky ground on which the RV industry is standing right now.

At least I'm sleeping well at night (and sometimes even taking a nap during the day) on my exquisite Walmart $15 special air mattress. I didn't even get an air pump since someone in the chat room suggested I use the vacuum cleaner hose, which worked like a charm. Oh what a charmed life I lead! The perfect, affordable 5th wheel is out there searching for me,
andI hope it finds me quick!

I am finding it so frustrating trying to get an absentee ballot for the Nov. 4 election, so I've just about decided to wait until early voting starts on Oct 16 - whether or not I've closed the sale.

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