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Friday, October 24, 2008

New phone

My new Verizon cellphone came today via FedEx. I ordered it from the 3G Store on the internet and wanted something simple, not many buttons & icons. The salesperson told me about a particular phone that didn't have many bells and whistles, but after I ordered it, and now that it arrived, I see it has a camera and a lot of other features. When I get used to it I suppose it will be easy to use. I have it charged and now I will enter all the phone numbers from my old phone. I hate this part, but you have to go through it every time you get a new phone.

I also made reservations for boarding the dogs a few days next week. I'll go to NJ to see my new home & truck on Tuesday, and plan to drive back the same day unless I would hit the commute rush, in which case I will find a motel - a lot easier when you aren't traveling with dogs! I just can't wait, and plan to take loads of pictures. I will need to decide what to do with my Jeep. It isn't easy to sell a V8 right now, but as winter approaches the 4WD might entice a buyer. I know I won't get much for it as it is a '97 and has transported dogs since I bought it in 2003! I'll never be able to get all the dog hair out of it.

I want to run right out and start buying things for the RV, but I know I should wait. Carolyn promised me a list of what she considers "must have", but I won't get everything at once and will have to decide on the most important to me. I'd say that will be a coffee maker. I have a decent one from my house, but would like to find a more compact model for the rig. The second thing would likely be a vacuum cleaner so that I can keep up with the dog hair that is bound to be all over the place. I'm really getting excited about it, but not near as much as I will in the next couple of weeks.

A little "grandkid story" - I told Joshua something last night, and of course he asked "WHY?". I guess I didn't answer soon enough, because he then said "BECAUSE."


  1. Hey, Sis. If you had an AT&T phone, you would save your phone numbers onto a chip in the phone. Then, when you replace the phone, you just keep the chip and put it in the new phone, and all of your info comes with it. Pretty cool, huh? Regarding the 5ver, I've heard that some extra deep-cycle batteries help out things, unless you always plan on staying in full hookup sites. Also, you might look for a small portable generator. Spend the extra coin and get a Honda, they're the most quiet (your camp neighbors will love you for it), and are pretty much trouble free. When you come out to California, try to give us 6 months notice (if possible) We have a favorite campground south of Santa Cruz call New Brighton State Beach. You'd love it!

  2. The only reason for six months notice is that the campground is so popular, that you have to get online at 7:45 am on the first of the month for reservations for the entire month six months forward. So on Nov. 1st, you make reservations for May '09. The camp sites are pretty big, and the views from the bluffs overlooking Monterey Bay are spectacular.

  3. It's getting closer to get into your new home! I'm so glad you're keeping up the blog. We miss you in the chatroom.