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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rainy Day

I usually love a rainy day now and then, and today we're having a nice gentle rain. The only negative is that the dogs get their paws wet and muddy, and don't want to stand still while I wipe them off.

I've had no word on a closing date, so I have no motivation to get the odds & ends boxed up and in storage. I'll work like a beaver when I have a definite date.

Other than that there is NOTHING TO DO ALL DAY, and I'M SO BORED! Cabela's Christmas Catalog came in the mail yesterday and I can't even get interested in looking at that. There is nothing I really need and it's all made in China anyway, which I try to avoid wherever possible. The laugh is probably on me because I'm sure all that junk food I bought yesterday is full of milk solids from China. When we have Wisconsin why in the world do we need to go to the other side of the world for milk? But the FDA says a little melamine won't hurt us (in fact it's probably good for us. That sounds like it could be developed into a good Monty Python skit.

That's all the complaining I have to do for today, folks! From this minute I am putting on a happy face, and sending good vibes to the FHA to get this sale completed so I can begin my new life in an RV.

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