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Friday, October 10, 2008

Ready to Roll

I just took my Jeep in for an oil change & check-up, and everything is a "go". I was a little concerned about one of the tires, but I trust the mechanic and he said I could drive to NY & back ok. I sure don't want to replace tires if I don't have to, since I will be selling it soon.

So depending on what I hear in the next few days regarding a firm closing date, I will leave next Wednesday. If I arrive early enough on Thursday I will drop the dogs off at the kennel in Hyde Park, and then continue on to Kingston to look at a couple of 5th wheels. I'd like to do that first thing and then I would have a few days to think about a possible purchase and I won't be rushed. If I find one that means I will need to find a truck in the area as well. I've always hated looking at new or used cars, and I don't expect a truck to be any different.

I think I will cancel the internet & phone service before I leave, as well as trash pickup, and I will leave the house ready to move into. That means I won't have the kind of internet access I've been used to, so posting will be erratic as will email. There are so many details to attend to and although I usually make excellent lists, I haven't done much about it up until now. It's all in my mind but I sure need to get it down on paper.

Things are starting to look up, but only a little. I have the feeling that next week it will all come together!

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