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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


In two days from now I will have shed myself of a house on 3/4 acre in one of the most beautiful locations in the US. The closing is tentatively set for 2 pm on Friday. I'm a little disappointed that it isn't earlier in the day, as I had thought about stopping at a DMV one county over on my way out of town and renewing my driver's license, which expires Nov. 14. The DMV here in Asheville is always crowded, and like most govt offices in cities, the staff are usually too rushed to be very pleasant. I just checked to get an idea of air fares from close to where I will be in NY to Sioux Falls, SD, and I would be looking at $650+, so I'm not inclined to try to do that. It is over 1000 miles and driving is out of the question since the weather could turn bad and I would be stuck. I will be taking a slight risk having SD license plates and a NC driver's license, but that can't be helped. I'll get it in SD next spring/summer.

I have made some headway in cleaning up the bedroom, but then I just moved my air mattress & pillows, plus the two dog beds, out into the living room. That allowed me to vacuum and clean out the closet. That's two bedrooms and one bathroom finished, leaving the computer room, living room, master bath, & kitchen. I have to dismantle my desktop tomorrow so that means I won't be online after that unless the motel I'm staying at has wi fi and I can get online. I decided I didn't want to have to rush around leaving here on Friday morning - don't know when the buyer will want to do the walk through. I will take it easy on Friday and have breakfast at a little diner nearby that has the best biscuits & gravy & grits that I have ever eaten!

I just want to be on my way. I want to buy the 5th wheel & truck and start to live in it. I want to learn to maneuver it well, and to drive it back here to Asheville in December to load up some of the things I've put in storage. I'd like to visit a lot of people along the way, although none of them live in a straight line to anywhere.

So I doubt if I will be able to post for the next week or so, but maybe I will get lucky and be able to use that #/@#% laptop!

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  1. We sure will miss you on chat. Please try the laptop and check in. Good luck in your travels.