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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Noisy Choppers

I'm sitting in my somewhat cool house enjoying the peace, and then it started.  Helicopters going overhead, police choppers I assume, saying something over loudspeakers that I can barely understand.  They are evidently looking for someone and enlisting the help of the public.

They will often do that if someone escapes their custody or has done something wrong, but sometimes it is the case of a disoriented person, as I get the idea it is in this case.  From what I gather an elderly person is missing.  The loudspeakers make the announcements sound so garbled I really don't know what it's all about, but I hope it ends well. 

I find the amount of air traffic increasing dramatically, and I don't like it one bit:   commercial jets; military planes; helicopters; planes spreading chemtrails, etc.   Add to all that noise the racket made by everyday traffic - a heavily traveled boulevard about 2 city blocks away to the north, and freeway 50 about 2 city blocks to the east; power equipment including leaf & debris blowers; the incessant barking of dogs; the maintenance equipment used in this mobile home park, especially the Bobcat machine that goes back and forth daily, and more.  I really envy those of you who live in a more quiet or even rural environment.

I fixed myself a wonderful dinner this evening starting with a big filet of wild Pacific cod, plus vegetables topped with shredded cheese.  I had quit buying cheese because I found myself using too much of it, but I think I bought this to spread on tortilla chips and melt in the microwave.  I haven't used my m'wave for food for ages, mostly storing crackers and such in it.   I really don't like even using it at all, but hate to get rid of it "just in case".  With all I ate for supper, plus all the blog talk about ice cream, I find myself craving something sweet.   I think a beer would suffice but I have none in the house!   I did find some dark chocolate chips in the fridge though.


  1. Oh yes, dark chocolate chips. My favorite. Always keep a supply but that is hard to do. They must evaporate, surely I don't eat that many of them???

    1. I keep the bag stored in a lower drawer of the refrigerator, so it isn't as easy to get to them.

  2. Funny. When I read the first line "Noisy Choppers" my mind went to noisy dentures.

    Thankfully, we live far from the freeway and hear helicopters only occasionally. We do get the sonic booms though.

    I thought we had escaped the metroplex, but we have wealthy Texans with horses moving up here. They are trying to escape the escalating taxes I suppose. Hopefully, our little spot on the river won't get "developed."

    1. The term could easily apply to ill-fitting dentures! Besides the noise there is the dirt and dust. I don't even like to go outdoors here because everything is covered with a film of grime. I hope you can avoid development as long as possible, but money wins in the end.