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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Another trip to "The Point"

Mike, Joshua and I went to West Point again today to the PX and Commissary.  It is graduation weekend - with the ceremonies being next Tuesday, but it was crowded with proud families.

Before that I looked out the window and saw one of the little foxes walking across the back yard, hesitating, and then entering his former home.  I'm sure he didn't stay and I doubt the rest of them will be back, but he just wanted to say goodbye to the old homestead, I guess.

Someone had told Sandy that if you wanted to domesticate a fox (why you would want to do that I can't imagine), leave a piece of your clothing and a bowl of cat food on top of it.  We laughed about it but didn't think anything else about it until today, when Sandy was making out the grocery list.  She wrote "cat food" on the list; when Mike saw it he yelled "cat food?  We're not getting cat food!".  Sandy and I laughed so hard we were worn out from it.

We finished another puzzle today.   I took a couple of photos but the light wasn't right, so I'll try to get a good one tomorrow morning.


  1. It wold be great to watch the graduation ceremony at West Point!

  2. I love the cat food story. I bet you had Mike really going.

  3. I wonder if the mamma took them off and then he got himself lost and followed the sent back to the shed. Hope he finds them again. Your cat food story was pretty funny.

  4. I wonder what kind of pet a young fox would make?

  5. I can only imagine how proud the parents and relatives of the West Point graduates must feel.

    Had a good chuckle about the cat food story :D

  6. LOL at your joke on Mike. Good for Sandy. Always nice to have a joker in the family.