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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Still a few more photos

I'm feeling a little better this morning but my knee is still stiff and sore.  I'm thinking about a short slow walk on the treadmill to help it along, and maybe going out this morning to get something for my face.  I hear that Arnica is good for reducing bruises.

In response to several comments, I want to stress that I am the one who chose the backpacking route, and I was originally planning to hike it alone.  Thank goodness I had my girls along.  I selected this section because of the close proximity and the fact that Mike could drive us to the trail at least one way, reducing the need for shuttling cars.  He ended up taking us as well as picking us up, which was a big help.  

The NY section is known as a fairly easy hike, and it is from the standpoint that there are no steep mountains to climb or descend.  It wouldn't be that difficult for a fit (and younger) person, and if I did it again I would be more aware of the potential for serious falls.  Next time I'm going to make sure to find a smoother trail, maybe in Virginia.  PA is known to be rocky but there may be some less difficult stretches - VA sounds like the closest and best bet.

Google is messing with me - I can't seem to type any text after the photo(s), so I'll post the last of the ones I got from Jeannie & Ara and then sign off for today.  Click a pic to enlarge.

"Where are we?"

Wilderness first aid:


In the 3rd picture up, the look says it all!  (For some reason I can add text after the photos now.  Darn Google!)

We had to cross at least 3 streams by hopping across rocks, and I didn't have a bit of trouble with them.

By the way, some of the foxes are back but aren't outside where I can see them as often.  Maybe they are spending more time in the woods.  A couple of the kits are looking more like the mother now, with reddish coat and bushy tails.

I may not post tomorrow - being Memorial Day I'm not sure what we will be doing.  I have stayed inside since the hike because my face looks so bad, but I hope to venture out soon.  I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday.


  1. Just tell everyone that you had to fight of Bigfoot!!

  2. Ah...you pulled a 'Judy'. You know we aren't 50 any more!

  3. Now that is a great idea for a bandage. some times bandaids just aren't big enough. Still love the forest you where in. Hang in there you'll heal and laugh about it soon.

  4. Hi my name is Nancy and I am a clutz. LOL

    I have fount that if you apply some lavender essential oil as soon as you get a bump that is going to cause a bruise the oil will, in most cases, prevent it. Last week I even used it on a pretty bad steam burn. As soon as I put it on the pain went away in in a short time the redness from the burn was completely gone. It never hurt after that. It was as though nothing had happened.

  5. I've been gone through your entire hike so clearly I have to go back and find out what happened. I use ice on bumps that might cause bruises and aloe on burns - it's just amazing, stops the pain instantly and it looks as though you never burned yourself. I'll have to look into Nancy's lavender oil too.

    1. Sherry, just make sure you get a good quality therapeutic oil. I use Young Living but also buy from Mountain Rose.com. A lot cheaper and I think still a good product.

      Now I'll tell you where those steam burns were. On my breast! LOL No I was not cooking neeked either. I had on a light weight linen top. I showed them to my husband and he wanted to take me to the hospital. I swear in a few minutes they were back to normal color and didn't hurt at all. They weren't even tender.

      I've used aloe and it doesn't come close to the burn/pain relief that lavender does.