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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I think I'm coming along pretty well, although much of what I can do requires sheer willpower.  I think my knee has passed the turning point - I hurt it on Wednesday last week, and today, Tuesday, the heat is finally abating so I would presume the same goes for the infection.  I'm glad I let my body's defenses take care of it rather than dump a lot of meds into my system.  I've used Neosporin and that's about all.

My face is, well, it's my face and it's looking as well as I can expect.  I think the area that was hurt has just brought out more wrinkles!

I went to Walmart this morning to return something, and I swear that I won't darken their doors ever again with the possible exception of the Vision Center.  I don't know what anyone sees in that store, but our differences are what makes the world go around.

Mama fox is back with 3 kits that I can see, but they must be spending more time in the woods than under the shed.

One final photo that shows how I even managed to finish the backpacking trip and get to our finish line.  Jeannie is one of the sweetest girls in the whole world, and I am so grateful for her.   She was there for me every time I had to step up or down on a rock!  (Click on photo to enlarge.)

Does anyone remember humorist Erma Bombeck?  Toward the end of her life she wrote the most beautiful column of her career, called "When does the child become the mother, and the mother become the child?"


  1. Erma Bombeck was my favorite! We lost her waaaaay too soon. :-(

  2. Glad you are healing, it does take some time. And I remember Erma Bombeck.

  3. Jeannie is wonderful that's for sure. I wonder if her mother had anything to do with that? Glad you are on the mend.

  4. We just don't heal as fast as we used to do we. So it's good news to hear that you are making healing progress. Erma was a favorite of mine. Lots of wisdom from that lady.

  5. Good to hear you are healing. Yes it is taking longer these days. Your family are fantastic your did a great job raising them