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Sunday, February 1, 2015


I haven't been a fan of football for years so I didn't watch the game, except bits of it every now and then.  While I really didn't care who won, I've always liked Boston teams.  At least in the past, and I'm more familiar with baseball, their teams have been extremely good sportsmen and the fans are enthusiastic but polite.  I've seen Cincinnati & Boston in the World Series and you never heard booing going on,  from either side.   So congratulations to the Pats!

I had been asked to watch Joe's girls as they were having a few people over and wanted an adult party.  I asked him to leave their car seats when he dropped the girls off at my house, and we went to Jeannie & Donald's house.  The girls had a great time with Ara & Arianna, and I enjoyed doing the NY Times xword puzzle with Jeannie while Donald was cooking.  We had hot chicken wings, grilled "sliders" topped with bacon, and some delicious baked potato skins with all the fixins.  Various chips and dips were also on the table.

Other than driving Mike's boys on one occasion from their daycare to home, it was unusual for me to drive the kids.  I felt perfectly comfortable both ways (about 7 miles each way); more traffic going over in early afternoon, but coming back in the dark with less traffic.  Then I'm not familiar with Joe's new neighborhood and can't read street signs in the dark, so I got lost.  What good is that darn updated GPS if I don't use it!  I need to put some addresses in it so I don't have to go through this again.  But I got them home and then drove myself a little out of the way when I missed a turn getting out of their subdivision, but I did get here intact.

Here are two pictures of my new shoes:

Kind of plain, nothing fancy, but the toe and heel are not closed in so I hope they are comfortable over a several hour period.  I actually prefer my Birkenstocks and that's what I wear most often, but I don't think I can get away with wearing them in Milwaukee in late February, at a 50th wedding anniversary celebration.  If it snows I have a problem with either pair of shoes!

After about 3 years of suffering many ailments and getting blown off by her doctor, Jeannie finally changed doctors.  What a difference it is making.  First of all, he listens to what she is saying and has referred her for several tests and to see specialists.  I mentioned she has problems with her feet and couldn't get the other doctor to take her seriously.  This one referred her to a podiatrist who has already made a difference.   She is going to try a different specialty shoe store tomorrow after work and I think I'll accompany her, but oh lord I hope I don't see shoes that I like!

She has already been diagnosed by the new doctors for several other ailments, and will see an endocrinologist on Thursday.  I just hope they can zero in on what is wrong with her thyroid and treat it to make it right.  A person in their early 40's shouldn't have to go through what she has been going through, without at least a better explanation than what she's been getting.

I'm thinking about popping open a beer now that I'm safely home.  I drank a couple of Clausthaler's (German import) non-alcoholic beer today.  It tastes pretty good and if I ever had to quit drinking beer entirely that is what I would switch to.


  1. I do not follow football anymore either but I sure enjoyed the game tonight. This is the first time I see a brawl breaking out in the last seconds of a Super Bowl.

    Glad Jeannie found a more competent doctor and hope that she is able to get to the root of her ailments.

  2. No football fan here either. Seems like a gladiator sport to me and too many later in life repercussions to the players' health. I like your shoes. I need something like that in a lighter color for wearing under my dress at my daughter's wedding in May. Take boots with you and just put your shoes on when you get inside. You know it's going to be cold and maybe even snow in WI. Really glad to hear that Jeannie has stopped going to that terrible doctor. Sorry it took her so long but now her new doctor will be getting to the root of the troubles. I just know she's going to be feeling 100% better once they figure it out.

  3. I watch some football and that was a great game yesterday. I didn't really care who won so I could just enjoy the game. Love your shoes. Just enough of a heel to make them really comfortable.

  4. I prefer cowboy boots, you can wear them anywhere. Around the house, I wear Crocks.

  5. I like your shoes. I am so spoiled to shoes and sandals with no back I have a hard time wearing closed shoes.

    I always worry about what to wear to a wedding or funeral. I don't think you should dress like you are going to Walmart to either. When I see what many are wearing I wonder why I worried about what to wear.

    I don't know what's wrong with some doctors. My husband saw 2 for almost 5 years and they just kept running the same tests and not finding what was wrong. We finally found and old doctor in a small town. He said my husband wasn't sick for no reason and found the problem. It was a contained cancer that was on the verge of breaking out. He removed it and my husband didn't have to have chemo or radiation. I hate to think what would have happened if we had kept on with the other 2.

  6. Good for Jeannie to move on to a new Dr. Hope they help her.
    Nice shoes, I couldn't wear them they would kill me. I have some pretty good croc sandals that I can wear for dressing up as long as I don't walk to much. Yes I would sure bring some closed warm shoes on your trip and change into your sandals when you get to the party like Sherry said.