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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Glasses

I'm not good at taking selfies (in fact I think the word "selfie" is dumb to begin with), so I'll publish a picture when I can.   My new glasses came in today, so I was off to Walmart to pick them up.   They improve my distance vision, but the close up reading is definitely not as good.  The tech explained why that is, and not understanding much of the explanation I'll just take his word for it.   The eye doctor is trying to make sure I can pass the vision test for my driver's license renewal.

I believe I mentioned that I went back to plastic frames as I didn't much like the titanium, even though they are much lighter but they seem more delicate and breakable.

This morning I visited Target, Dollar Tree, and Walmart, and bought a bunch of small items of interest to kids (and adults).  Autumn's girl scout group has become aware of a local man who travels to Mexico several times a year, and who takes used clothing, toys, etc., for locals who live in extreme poverty in the city he visits.  The girl scout troop asked the kids and parents to gather used clothing and toys they might have, as the gentleman is going back to Mexico very soon.  

I am donating the two pair of Ryka gym shoes that I bought at a very good price at Costco, and even bought cushy insoles for, but which just never felt right for me.  I decided to buy some little things for the kids that they aren't likely to get.  At the three stores mentioned I bought crayons, coloring books, pencils, pads of ruled paper as well as plain art paper, etc.

In 1992 I was married for the 2nd time, to a man from El Salvador.  We were making preparations to visit his family in that country, including a niece and two nephews he had never met.  Of course he had to buy lots of presents to take back - mostly clothing, but I bought my own presents to give to the family, and for the children I bought crayons and coloring books.  My husband scoffed at the idea that I would buy "that stuff" to take to them, but I just ignored him.  I was the hit of all times when I gave them the silly little items and they absolutely loved them.  About 15 minutes later I noticed the adults (his mother, brother & sister) had crowded out the kids and were coloring away in the books!   So I feel confident that my little package for the  children will be appreciated.

I think I feel a nap coming on! 


  1. Good luck with the new glasses. And I think crayons and coloring books are a great idea. Kids love to color (no matter what age they are).

  2. Actually, you kinda brought tears to my eyes.... you did such a wonderful thing, I wish I'd known you then and sent along some stuff. We traveled into Mexico a few times and once took a lot of that kind of stuff to a "girl's school".... it just makes a person feel so humble when we meet folks who have so much less but are still so jubilant when they receive such a tiny bit of what we could give. I have titanium frames.... the good thing about them is that they seem to retain their "shape" no matter how many times I fall asleep with them on and bend them into pretzels.

  3. there was at one time a guy who used to do that too and he even took old eye glass' I had saved my dad's to give to him but he passed too. I still have the glass' thinking maybe someone will take his place some day. Your doing a wonderful thing for the kids.

  4. Yeah, when I lived in Honduras a guy who was a US citizen formerly a retired nurse, then Peace Corps in the area, who lived upstairs. When the Peace Corps pulled out of Honduras he stayed and volunteered every day at a local orphanage in the town where we lived. I enjoyed going shopping on my next trip home and took back coloring books. He would give them one page every few days to color.

  5. I think it is a wonderful thing that girl scouts are getting involved in such a worthy cause by helping this gentlemen take things to the less fortunate.

    Unless you get to see it first hand it is hard to believe with how little people in Mexican villages get by on. Kudos to this gentlemen for trying to help them.

    I want to see a picture of you and your new glasses!

  6. Nice of all of you to help the less fortunate. I wish there were ways in this country to directly help the very poor like that. They seem to be in horribly dangerous urban areas. I've about given up on glasses. I see worse and worse no matter how updated they are. Hope you have better luck.