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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Blood Pressure - Again

I finally heard from my doctor regarding the blood pressure readings I sent him a couple of weeks ago.  By now I don't want to touch any bp medicine with a 10 ft. pole!  He says to keep monitoring and we may need to start a low dose of bp meds - he thinks 140's over 90's max is okay.  I'll do the monitoring but I may forget to write something down if it is over 149!  I wrote him back and told him I'd do the monitoring but that I've never felt better in my life and I think it's because I quit all prescription meds and pain relievers, antihistimines, etc.   I got soooo sick of that damn monitor - just hate it - but I'll accommodate the dr. anyway.  When I see him I'm going to thank him profusely for not prescribing anything when I first noted the blood pressure was a little high.

I'm leaving for Milwaukee on the 26th of Feb., and I haven't done anything to get ready for the trip.  I always wait until the last minute and then tell myself I work better under pressure.  I'll get back on the 4th of March and then will have a little over a month to get ready for my long road trip.

It's a relief to be looking at several days of warming and clear weather ahead.  The temps are predicted to get into the low 70's by mid week, and the 70's has always been my idea of perfect weather.   I threw away my bikini long ago so I don't need hot weather anymore.  (I'm just joking - I've never even tried on a bikini, although in my doddering old age a few years from now I might go for it!)

I've been working on a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for some time now, but I only do a little at a time - I need to wait for optimal daylight to be able to distinguish slight variations in color.   I hope I can get it done soon, before I leave for Milwaukee if possible.  Years ago I had a large piece of cardboard that I would build the puzzle on, and then slide it in and out under the couch or even the bed to keep it from getting messed up, as well as to be able to use the coffee table.  The dining room table was always covered with sewing projects!

That's enough for today.



  1. I talk 1/2 a blood pressure pill that is a diuretic and that sure keeps my pressure where it belongs with no side effects. Go for the bikini - you can do it.

  2. I think mid 70's is perfect too. I could handle that very nicely. No bikini? haha I love it but not me either.

  3. Have you ever tried one of these?


  4. I suppose if 120/80 is "normal" then 140/90 is elevated but if you feel great who would want to take medicine that makes you feel worse. I hope to live my life feeling great and if I have a stroke then I do. I know after seeing my father age that I sure don't want to live to be that old. Your up coming trips sound very exciting.

  5. I went to the dentist one time and he took my bp and it was over 220/120 and he told me to go straight to a doctor, which I did, and the doctor wrote a prescription, told me to get it filled right away and buy a bottle of water with it and take a pill right then. I have been on medication ever since.

  6. My Mom loved jigsaw puzzles. She always had one or two going. I've tried, but they are frustrating and I don't have the patience. Take care of yourself.