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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gotta be careful today!  I was ready to leave the house to go to the library and then to the gym, and decided to hit the bathroom before leaving.  Lo and behold!  I realized I put my sweat pants on backwards this morning, with the drawstring tie in the back!  

It feels good to be exercising on the treadmill again.  I haven't done any exercise at all since my dental extraction early Monday.  I'm feeling great - never had a moment's pain after the tooth was pulled - just from the injection sites, and they still hurt a bit.  I'm glad that's over with although I have to see the dentist next Monday so he can be sure everything is ok.

I've been dealing with travel plans this morning and still haven't figured exactly what clothes and shoes I'm taking along.  Jeannie and I looked at dresses at Macy's, and I found one that was okay but not anything to rave about except it was on sale.  Jeanne mentioned that she had several dresses that would probably fit me and that I should take a look and try them on before spending the money for a new one.  I tried on four dresses when we got back to her house, and selected one that I like very much and it will go well with my new sandals.  I'll post a picture when I wear it in Milwaukee.  I have two lovely dresses, both long and both rather bare on top.  Milwaukee in Feb. isn't the place for "bare shoulders"!

All I have left to work on with my 1000 pc. jigsaw puzzle is blue sky!  I wonder why I always save something like that for last.  Every time I walk past the puzzle I spot a piece that fits, but I doubt I'll have it together before I leave next week.  I'll be glad when I can put it away, or give it to Joe & Sarah to work on.  Steve gave several puzzles to me and Joe took one home - he and Sarah finished it in two evenings.  My eyes were a heck of a lot better when I could do that, but I'm surprised I do as well as I do.

Not much going on here except I'm going crazy trying to get all my reservations made, papers together, list of things to do before I leave.  It'll happen and a week from tomorrow I'll be in Milwaukee enjoying a beer!


  1. See, it was a lot easier when you took a tent.

  2. Your sweatpants on backwards reminds me of the time last winter I unknowingly put my cowboy hat on backwards then went to Yuma & walked all around a Walmart store looking for a pair of pajamas. It was a day I qualified to be my very own Walmartian..........

  3. what a break to fit into one of Jeannie's dresses. I hate buying thing I will never wear again. I'm sure you will have everything packed and ready to go in plenty of time.

  4. I bought a couple of T-shirts at Sam's. Some of them had the picture on the front and some had the picture on the back. That's probably why they were on sale at Sam's. I caught myself with one of the shirts on backwards one day.

    I received a dress I ordered on line today. It doesn't look anything like the picture. I hate having to return stuff.

  5. Glad I am not the only one that puts pants or shirts on backwards. It happens to all of us as we are all human :)

    You saved yourself some nice change there by not having to buy yourself a dress. Glad the dental work is healing.

    As organized as you are, you will be ready to roll in no time flat.

  6. I have done shirts and pants on backwards occasionally for years. Still can nit find sweatpants with just elastic at the waist and ankles it is aggravating. Hope you have a WARM coat, boots and gloves for where you are going

  7. I have yet to put my pants on backwards, but will fail to ensure the the zipper is in the upright and stowed position occasionally:)