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Friday, February 6, 2015

Rainy Friday?

I woke up to a cloudy sky and just heard some rain on the aluminum carport.  As I understand it, most of the storms will make landfall north of our area, but we will get some rain - just not enough to make a dent in the drought, but enough to make the weeds grow and multiply.

It felt strange this morning not to take prescription meds first thing after making my coffee.  I am now off all Rx drugs, and hope to begin tapering off some of the supplements, although I'll probably do that gradually until they are gone.  I'll still take a few though.  A few days ago I bought a bottle of very good grade Turmeric capsules, and am sharing them with Jeannie.  Supposedly they are great for many ailments, including pain, so I'd like to give them a try.  Today will be the 4th day I have taken them.  I do notice that my legs don't hurt - normally they ache because of the strenuous (for me) walk that I try to do every day.   I'm also stopping the Ranitidine, Zyrtec, or do I mean Zantac? for indigestion, plus the HRT.  I'm going to try a daily probiotic, as I've heard so many folks swear by them.  I hope it will help with the occasional indigestion I get.

I just spent quite some time on the phone with Ara, my granddaughter in PA.  It was so nice to have a long  chat with her, and we talked about the good times we've had when she visits Sacramento and when she, her mom (Jeannie) and I would spend Sunday mornings  going on a walk or to a farmers' market, just being together and talking a mile a minute - three generations connecting.

We talked about my upcoming trip to the east coast, and she offered to go backpacking with me if I decide to try it.  It would be so nice to have someone to hike with, and I'd be more likely to do it and to succeed.  But that is a long way off for now.  I need to plan for my trip to Milwaukee and South Dakota.

I just got back from my walk on the treadmill and side trip to the grocery for milk.  The power went off as soon as I walked in the store, and though they had a few emergency lights and working cash registers, the main power never did come back on while I was there.   I had to have help identifying the milk I wanted it was so dark, and I had left my glasses in the car as well.

I finally got through the Friday traffic that ran like thick molasses today, and discovered that I don't have any power, including internet access.  I'm typing this off battery, but won't be able to publish until we get power back.  I'm also hungry for some lunch but don't want to open the dark fridge back up - I quickly put the milk away and hope everything stays cold.  Dang, now what do I do:  no lights, no heat, no nothing!

Well, I took a little nap, and when I woke and looked at the digital alarm clock it was flashing so I knew the power was back on.  I had my lunch and now feel terrific!


  1. Isn't it amazing how lost we feel when the power goes out. I remember many times we lost our power at the farm for days and at first we were quite irritated but the longer it went on, the nicer it was. We were actually sorry in some ways to see it come back. How very nice to have a granddaughter with whom you have so much in common and who loves to have long chats with you. That's a serious blessing.

  2. I love turmeric, have taken it for years. It's good for so many things, and it's natural. I just read an article about a new study that shows it is more effective against arthritis pain than Ibuprofen. It can sometimes cause indigestion though, I make my own capsules and add ginger to help keep the heartburn away, I think many if not most commercial varieties have ginger added, along with black pepper (piperine) to increase the absorption of the turmeric (curcumin).

  3. I think I will try the tablets of turmeric, I bought the powder and cooked with it a few times but did not enjoy the taste of some foods after.

    It's nice to talk to our granddaughters and catch up with them.

  4. When folks around me lose power, I grin with my boondocking rig keeping on just as usual except for AC.

  5. While we do have some food in the freezer I try not to buy too much and I fill the rest of the space with regular size water bottles. Besides serving as ice for when I go to the grocery store in the summer it also helps when the power goes out for extended periods such as during hurricanes.

    I no longer live in Houston where there is always a threat of one but it works great here in hot West Texas as well. The lights going out for twenty-four hour intervals has been known to happen.

    I am not surprised you get along so well with your daughter and granddaughter as you are hip and happening grandmother!