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Friday, February 13, 2015

Calendar error

My calendar shows that it's the 2nd Friday in February, but I'm sure there have been more than that.  I seems to me that Friday comes along about every 3 or 4 days!   And to add to the confusion, our temperatures will be in the 70's for about a week.  What happened to our rainy winter?   I'm not really complaining and it's nice to have the front door open with sunlight streaming in.

I have to go shopping tomorrow for a dress.  There was a time when that prospect would have filled me with anticipation, but now I just feel dread at having to go to a shopping center.  With some luck I can find a suitable dress with no problem.   A coat?  Good heavens it will be cold in Milwaukee, but I have a jacket I can wear.  Hopefully I won't be out in the weather for long, just from the hotel to the car, and then to the church, etc.  I am so looking forward to this celebration that it won't matter what the weather is like!

I just scrolled past the RFD channel on TV and would you believe there is a re-run of an old Porter Wagner show.  His guest was Dolly Parton and it must have  been one of her earliest shows.  She was cute as a button but it was obvious that this was before her "feminine enhancement".  Porter was wearing a white suit with shimmery decorations all over it.  It certainly takes you back to a gentler time, although the clothes of some of the performers look like the 60's, and I guess you can't call the 60's a gentler time.

Have a great weekend out there.



  1. The RFD TV channel runs a lot of the old music shows. I really like that channel and I hope they can keep it on the air.

  2. We aren't getting the rain they said earlier this week. But we had some wild and nasty wind it finally quit this afternoon and warmed up again. Love having the windows and door open.

    Happy dress hunting.

  3. Sure wish I was back home when you come to Wisconsin! Milwaukee is a hop skip and jump from where we moved to in Chilton. I would zoom down and visit you for a bit!!!