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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Just a Short One.

I don't have much to say because I've been in the house listening to all the rain pouring down.  One more day of rain, then about a week of sunshine before the next storm system moves in.  I hope they don't try to tell me that no dent has been made in the drought!

Coming back from the gym this evening close to sunset there was the most beautiful rainbow in the sky.  I could see it most of the way home, and it looked like it dropped down in the vicinity of my house, and I thought to myself "I'm gonna find that pot of gold for sure."    Of course it didn't happen.  Looking to the west about 20 minutes before the sun set was so gorgeous - you could see the red sun advancing atop a thick layer of cloud giving the cloud an unusually pretty color, and the clear blue sky out over the direction of the Pacific Ocean.  It's hard to drive when there is so much beautiful scenery all around you, but I made it home safe.


  1. We've been getting a lot of rain here on the Texas Gulf coast, and they are always talking about the drought here, too. I think that its more that we are using too much water than a real drought.

  2. Wish you had been able to take a picture of that sunset...sounds spectacular.

    Lots of talk about all the rain California is getting and will get in the coming days. You have not mentioned leaks so I guess the roof guy did a good job.

    Stay safe and dry :)

  3. Really hoping this rain does soak California's ground and temper the drought. Sounds like a gorgeous drive home. Rainbows bring lots of different pots of gold. Keep looking!

  4. On every life a little rain must fall. . .and sometimes it is really needed.

  5. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your rain has put a dent in the drought. Just not mudslides. Down here it's record or almost record heat. In the 80's for the next 10 days. Your sunset sounds incredible. I love sunsets. I'd probably like sunrises if I ever got up to see them.

  6. One day I thought for sure I was going to reach the end of the rainbow but the more I drove the further out of reach it got. I sure hope it makes a dent in your drought. We will get more next week too.