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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I haven't written lately about my quilting efforts, so I thought I'd explain where I am now.  As you know I tried to just sort of wing it, cutting squares and strips to put together a short little rectangular piece.  I put it away to think about it, and in the meantime I watch "how to" videos now and then, one of which struck a chord with me.  It was on "squaring the blocks", which I realize I didn't do properly.  The exercise in trying it on my own is not a waste, however, it reinforces my initial plan to take lessons and learn the basics from professionals and from the very beginning.  At least now I can see why this is so necessary for me - if I were years younger I would have the time to teach myself, but as it is, I want to quilt something that ends up looking good as well.

I've been researching the blood pressure issue (I won't call it a problem because it probably isn't), after sending my doctor the list of results from 1 week of monitoring my bp.   It looks like he is correct in that I shouldn't take it for granted I have a problem that needs to be treated.   I have decided to quit monitoring bp, and to continue my exercise regimen to keep me healthy.  I also am no longer going to worry about cholesterol or a host of maladies that benefit the drug cartels (the legal ones).  As healthy a lifestyle as I can manage will keep me going for my allotted time, and I feel such a relief in knowing that  Oh, I'm also discontinuing low dose aspirin, and plan to quit most of the supplements I'm on as they are used up.

I was talking to my granddaughter (Autumn) last night, and she asked me how old I was.  I told her I was 74.   She said one of the women who work in her classroom asked her how old her grandma is.  Autie said "I told her you were 73, and that you exercise".  The lady replied "Heck, I'm 56 and I need to exercise!"   I think it's so cute that my little darling associates me with exercise and a healthy lifestyle.  You just never know what makes an impression on kids - she also talks to me about the books she is reading, as she knows I love to read and I almost always give her books as a present for birthday, Christmas, and  occasionally an "I love you" present.


  1. It sounds like you are taking things into your own hands. If you feel good then go for it. They say proper diet and exercise are the key to good health.

    Going to classes to learn the quilting might be fun.

  2. Bout them quilts...the finest quilt I ever see, had all kinds of different size patches...squares an' rectangles....nuttin matched. It was made by a old lady that didn't give a flip if'f stuff fit or not. It was beautiful. I'm think'n she knowed some stuff bout build'n a quilt.

    I sure do like your new "spiked" heel sandals. You can dance in them suckers.

    One pill I refuse to do away with is my low dose aspirin. When I had my heart attack, the nurses tole me that that 500mg aspirin I took more an' likely saved my life. Supplements, I take none at all. But I'm with ya on the allotted time thing.

  3. Do you make the complete quilt or do you just make the quilt top? If you do it all, do you have a quilting machine that sews the front to the back with the filler between? Saw some of those machines at quilt shows that my wife wanted to go to.

  4. Now that's a great way to be known as the exercise gramma! The piecing of the quilt is actually the hardest part in my opinion. You could do what they call a crazy quilt where the organization doesn't matter, you just put it together like a puzzle piece. Are you going to hand quilt it? I loved doing that especially after I'd practiced on enough placemats so that my stitches were tiny. I don't care for machine quilting. Seems like cheating to me.