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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Puzzle Finished!

I stuck with it and finally finished it this afternoon.  I'll leave it up to admire my work for another day, and will take it apart and put it away tomorrow.  I have another one waiting to be assembled - the picture includes the Golden Gate in S.F.

Click to enlarge.  The colors in the photo are not as striking as the actual puzzle, but it's no doubt due to my camera settings and I don't know how to tweak them so as to not completely screw everything up.   A thousand pieces are a whole lot!

I want to mention how much I enjoy the comments on my blog, and today's comment by Chuck (Goldenshoe RV Trip) takes the cake!  I laughed out loud, and thank you Chuck for making my day.  Judging from the comments it seems I'm not alone in sometimes having trouble dressing myself!

I once had a very nice telescope and loved watching the night skies with it.  I took it with me when I moved to Ireland, and assembled it but found I needed to take it out the front door to see the full moon and the southern skies.  But Ireland is so cold and windy especially during winter evenings so I rarely stayed outdoors for long with it.  (I lived on the end of a peninsula and with water on three sides of me, including the Atlantic ocean, there was no escaping the damp cold.  

When I brought the telescope home to the U.S. with me I tried to set it up again in North Carolina.  Not much was visible in the skies with all the trees around me, but I never could get it set up to my satisfaction.  One of my kids eventually took it to see if he could get it to work and I've never heard anything else.  One of the things I loved about this telescope was the software that came with it.  There was a program called "Starry Skies" for which you selected the direction you wanted and could view the horizon with the heavenly bodies in that part of the skies labeled.  You could move from one part of the sky to another and I loved it.  I have never been able to use those star charts you hold over your head - can't figure out exactly what direction I'm supposed to be viewing and generally get frustrated and quit!  Starry Skies was perfect for me.  I found the disc but unfortunately it works with Windows 96 or something like that.  I could see the contents of the disc on my Mac but of course, I couldn't access them.

I just hate it when there is a simple, easy to use and easy to understand program for the computer, telephone, GPS, or whatever, and improvements propel it out of my realm of patience and understanding.  




  1. Usually winter nights are the clearest skies, trouble is it is also the coldest nights. When I go to the trouble to set up my big scope, I make sure the weather will be clear for a few nights. Want to use it more than one night. I can handle taking it out by my self if I brake it down into three section; the base, the tube with the mirror removed, and the mirror.

  2. to bad about the scope and I agree why do they make things harder instead of easier. Progress they say for whom? not us aged souls.

    Puzzle is really nice all the trees in fall colors nice job

  3. That puzzle is sooo pretty!!!

    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  4. You have so much patience to do 1000 piece puzzle, but it is a lovely scene. Really glad to know someone still does them. Wonder if the video generations will?