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Friday, February 20, 2015

Got the elliptical going!

I worked it for about 5 minutes and then had to rest my legs.  They hurt just above my knees and in the lower thighs.  I wouldn't think anything on my legs would hurt with all the treadmill walking I've been doing.  Instead of running over to the gym today I've been doing laundry, and it puts my schedule out of whack.   

I've been thinking I'd like a beer this evening, and re-read the after-dental work instructions - avoid alcohol until healing is well established.  I think I safely fit in this category, so I will enjoy a delightful Golden Ale this evening.  I need a reward for something or other!

I "borrowed" a small carry-on suitcase from Jeannie last night.  I think it is part of my luggage set, but whoever needs it takes it.  I would really prefer to check a slightly larger bag but $25 check-in fee is way too much when I think of how it was when I used to fly a lot.  Larger and more comfortable seating, meals provided, and the list is long.  I really do hate flying but at this time of winter it's the only way I can go.  My April journey will be a lot less stressful on me as long as someone helps me pack up the Highlander.  All my children inherited the good-packing gene from their father, so I rely on them to organize my trip.   I used to be good at it too, but age seems to do something to spatial awareness.

I've been giving a lot of thought lately to finding a good chiropractor in my area.   I notice that during and after exercise my neck aches, as well as the soleus muscle in the calf of my right leg.  I know my spine isn't straight to begin with and I have been told a long time ago that I had a touch of scoliosis.  I'd be curious to hear of any readers who  use the services of, and have comments good or bad, about it.  I sure wouldn't want to talk to a medical doctor about it - they would no doubt want to prescribe muscle relaxants, pain relief, etc., when I just want the problem fixed.

I guess I should get back to the elliptical - five minutes isn't enough to get a decent workout or even to judge whether I want to keep using the device.   It looks like something you might see in a museum of torture devices.  (Hah, I'm just kidding.)


  1. I never went to a chiropractor until I broke my ankle and went through all the regular medical doctors each of which only dealt with his specialty. They managed to finally fix my ankle but mess up my knee and my back with their boots and other business. My wonderful GP recommended a chiropractor and even though I know they can do a lot of damage if you don't have a good one, I trusted my GP. I went and the chiropractor was wonderful. He later helped me with a back injury from an auto accident when someone pulled out in front of me. I wouldn't be able to do what I do now pain free without his help then. All this to say go, but make totally sure you have many recommendations from happy patients of his or hers or at least a strong recommendation from someone you really trust..

  2. There is a time and place for all schools of medicine. I use chiropractors for joint and range of motion aches, even a good message therapist can work out the kinks from exercising. An elliptical machine as I understand it works on different muscle groups than walking or treadmills.

  3. I think a beer or two will be good for those aches and pains!

  4. Hope you find a good chiro... Steve had a good one that after a while showed him good exercises to do to help stretch his long back muscles so he wouldn't need as many visits and let him find relief by himself. How nice is that?

    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
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  5. Elliptical machines and my knees are sworn enemies.
    I have known several good bone crunchers. They can be very worthwhile for joints types of trouble.
    They do not cure cancer or any other disease no matter what some folks claim.
    It might be of interest that two sessions of acupuncture on my right foot put an end to thirty years of misery that no doctor or chiropractor seemed to be able to help.

  6. My Dr. does some adjustments and it did wonders for me. But by all means find some good references first if possible.