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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ride 'em cowgirl!

I was up and out pretty early for me on a Saturday; we had a half hour drive from Jeannie's house.  With a 5 and an 8 yr old in the back seat, this is how it went most of the way:

You're looking at me!

I'm not looking at you, I'm looking out the window.

Mom, make her stop looking at me.

Mom, she hit me!  

Mom, I don't want her looking at me or looking out my window.

And on and on for the entire trip.  I told Jeannie to just think of how I felt with 4 kids in the car when they were little.

Fortunately things were much friendlier when we arrived at the riding place.  There were two horses (and about 8or 10 girls), and they took two at a time starting with the smallest girls - which meant that Autumn was one of the last to ride.  One horse was a paint mare, and the other was a gorgeous gelding.  I kept hoping Autumn would get to ride the gelding; the mare was gentle and friendly and sweet; the gelding was friendly and sweet, but he was always looking for treats and a little more spirited!

While the first two girls were taking their turn on the horses, one of the ranch girls took the other little girls on a tour of the facilities, showing them the other horses, the tack room, etc.  When they got back to where the moms were, Autie said to her mom, "We had to clean up horse poop!"  She didn't seem fazed about it and thought it was pretty funny.  Here are some of the pictures I took:  (Click to enlarge.)


I was very glad I went as I enjoyed seeing all the girls having so much fun.  Autumn and Arianna left with friends and their parents for the afternoon, so Jeannie and I went shopping for shoes.  Jeanne has been having trouble finding shoes that fit and feel good so we went to a specialty store.  I need something a little more dressy than my Birkenstocks, and found a nice pair of sandals that felt good.  I haven't been able to wear any type of closed in shoe except the runners I wear to the gym, and I hope these will be better for when I wear a dress.

I'll need to dress up a little for my brother & s-i-l's 50th anniversary coming up, as well as for a couple of occasions in New York, and the sandals were on sale!  They feel good, but I'll not be doing much dancing in them!


  1. I am so happy all went well and that the girls had a swell time :-)

    It is so difficult to find good fitting shoes, glad you found yours.

  2. My wife loves to shop for shoes. I get so bored, that I usually go out and sit in the car. If you are ever in our area, feel free to go shoe shopping with my wife. . . I will stay at home. Let's see some pics of the new shoes.

  3. Guess I'll stick to traveling with two pups in the back seat. It's quieter. lol I used to love to shop for shoes until I couldn't wear most of them. I still think you should do some dancing in your new shoes.

  4. At least for me this seems to be another one of the great things about getting older, my feet have become contrary about what they wear. I used to be able to wear anything, even from the discount shoe store, but not any more. Glad you found a pair you like that are comfortable. LOL at the conversation in the back seat. "She's looking at me"....too funny.

  5. Holy cows, it's been over 5 years since I could wear closed in "regular" shoes....even tennis shoes. I'm a sandal kind of guy since that's all I can wear.

    How nice to see kids....grandkids enjoy'n a day out rid'n horses. An' pics to boot. I love horses, but with my back condition, I cain't ride no more. So....horses suck.

    Ok...where are the pics of your sandals????

  6. I recognize the car ride:( Our girls really enjoyed the horse riding lessons and still talk about it all these years later.

  7. Boy did the car ride bring back memories. Like you I had 4 of them too. One day I pulled off the road and made them get out. I know it was mean but it sure cured that problem.

    Looks like everyone enjoyed the day. I finally found a pair of sneakers last week and so far so good. I bought boys size 6.5 NB my feet are pretty happy now.

  8. The car ride brings back memories for me too. I have 2 brothers and a sister. I can only remember going on about 2 trips with my dad and all of us. It was always a fight with 4 kids and 3 windows. We knew better than to make much noise with my dad but I'm sure mother heard a lot. My brothers would be counting different kinds of cars and I would be counting horses. I always wanted a horse and finally got one in high school. My boys were 11 years apart so it was more like having 2 only children.