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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dental work (Updated)

I've noticed the past few days that anything between warm and hot gives me a twinge in one of the molars on the side I thought was ok.  Last night it started throbbing and eventually I called the dentist's office and left a message for when they come in on Monday morning.  Tha pain finally got bad enough that I went to see what kind of remedy I might have, and found an Aleve bottle with two capsules left, so I took one.  It went to work and in about 15 minutes I felt no pain.

This morning I am still ok and have one Aleve left just in case.  I got a phone call and the dentist was on the line.  We talked for a few minutes and he must have had my records in hand (or maybe on his computer) because he thinks he knows which molar is giving me the problem.  He said it is either pull the tooth or do a root canal.  Well I choose pull the damn tooth as I don't have the money for a root canal right now, and my newly purchased dental plan doesn't pay for any major work for the first year.  I have an appointment for 7:40 on Monday morning - early for me any more as I don't get up before 8 am.  Years ago some dentist left the lower wisdom teeth and just filled them, so I'm hoping it's one of them rather than the one next to it.  My upper wisdom teeth never came in fortunately, but does that mean I'm only half wise?

Now I'm wondering if dental inflammation is the reason for my recent high blood pressure.

I was going to shop for a dress today but don't know what I was thinking of - shopping on a weekend!  I'll probably wait until Monday - wait!  I'll be numb from the tooth extraction.  Maybe I should do it tomorrow if I can get myself going early enough to beat the crowds.  I don't like to shop to begin with but the past couple of years the mall isn't so crowded, probably due to people buying so much online.  I hope the malls don't disappear until after I do!

I've noticed that I've been getting a lot more emails trying to sell Valentine Day gifts, or at least that's the excuse for the mail, sale, etc.   When I was a kid Valentine's Day meant buying big packages of silly little cards (no envelopes) with even sillier rhymes, and the little heart candies with the silly little love words on them.  I never did like the candy, and didn't think much of the cards except that everyone passed them out at school.  An ad that has been shown lately on TV is for a "love bear" - a huge teddy bear costing a bomb!  I wouldn't be very happy if I got something so dumb for Valentines day.  Of course I won't be getting anything, so I don't have to worry about someone buying me a stuffed teddy bear that cost over $100!  I'd rather see $100 donated to a soup kitchen so that homeless folks who don't have a Valentine could at least get a meal.  (I'm not as disillusioned as I sound - it's great having a Valentine from what I can remember.)

Happy Valentine's Day! 

UPDATE:  I was reading over the blog I wrote when I lived in Ireland, and came to a comment by LizW.  I responded to her comment/questions, but don't know how she found the Ireland blog or if she is a current reader of "On the road again".  If you are reading this, LizW, I thank you for taking the time to read my Ireland blog, and hope you look at the comment section where I tried to answer your questions.


  1. I was my Mother's Valentine, since I was born on Valentine's Day.

  2. Hope you tooth gets taken care of and the pain will be gone soon.

    I used to LOVE Valentines Day when I was a kid. I went to Catholic school and we all made a box with a slot in the top. Then on The Day, we brought 50 Valentines and put one in each box, so everyone got one from everyone else. Some even had candy suckers attached! I'd bring them home and spread them all out in the front door hallway and read them over and over. Wonderful memories. :)

  3. Oh boy I'd think long and hard about having a tooth pulled unless it's that wisdom. All your other teeth will change position and it could change everything. Be sure to ask your dentist about the after effects of removing a tooth at our age. I hate shopping on week-ends. I'd rather do it with a numb mouth on any day than to go out and get in the car and drive on Saturday or Sunday unless it's Sunday morning while everyone is in church.

  4. I'm going to Mexico next month with Jana from Montana to have a molar checked out where part of the filling is missing. If the dentist says root canal, I'm thinking I'll just have it pulled. I hate root canals! I figure if the teeth change position, maybe I won't have such crooked teeth. ;)

  5. At this age I don't think root canal pays but yes ask about the teeth moving. I think you not shopping today was a good idea. I hate shopping at anytime.

    I spent my Valentine Day with my daughter we had so much fun.

  6. I just had a back molar removed rather than having a root canal redone. I am not a canditate for an implant due to bone loss where the tooth was chronically infected and I am not interested in a bridge. Cosmetically the space is not noticeable . A space left from the removal of a back molar will not cause a lot of movement of the remaining teeth like a front tooth would.

  7. Anytime you have a tooth acke put a clove between it and your cheek. Or if you have some a drop of clove essential oil.