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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ready for Milwaukee!

I believe I mentioned I am going to Milwaukee to help my oldest brother and his wife celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary next weekend.   Since I'm counting on most of my siblings being there I've found some old photos to take along for old times' sake, and just came across a DVD of old movie film.  I mean really old movie film - probably goes back to the late 1940's, and some of the scenes are priceless.   The camera was owned by my Dad's sister and when she came to town she always recorded events in film.   There is no sound, but I've already noticed a few scenes that my brothers are going to love, so get ready guys.

And to show how marvelously sophisticated I was, there is a short take on me coming home from work, dressed fit to kill, and walking up the sidewalk carrying my shoes (very, very high heels).
My aunt directed every move, so she then had me get into my Dad's new Pontiac and  back out the driveway and then drive in again.  It would be prize material except for carrying the shoes.

This is the same aunt whose gypsy blood I share.  When she was approaching my age now she flew around the world - literally - stopping to visit anyone she had ever met who said "If you're ever in Timbuctu (or wherever), stop in and see us".   Then she settled back down in the U.S., bought a Volkswagen Van (old hippie style) and drove several times back and forth across the country.  She had that VW rigged out to live in when traveling.  This is a woman at least in her 70's by that time, and I dedicated my short RVing lifestyle to her.   I know she would approve of my current style of motels/tent camping across the country.


  1. Yay for Aunt Gypsy! How long did she travel like that? And how long did she live? Whatta' Gal! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  2. What a great time your aunt must have had criss-crossing the country back then!

  3. Bet you and your siblings will enjoy those film clips and it will bring back many fond memories.

    Wow, travelling in a VW Van cross country was quite gutsy then and now. I am sure your aunt would love that you are so much like her and that the gyspy spirit is still alive and well in the family.

  4. You are going to have so much fun sharing those pictures and film clips. That is such a neat story about your Aunt. What a lady. Just like you.

  5. What a great time for everyone to be together and watch all these films and looking at the old pictures.
    Your Aunt sounds like such an adventurous lady loved reading about her.

  6. Sounds like you found some real treasures to share. Hope you have a fun and enjoyable trip. Take care.

  7. Those photos and movies will be fun to share. I can hear the laughter now. I think the gypsy gene runs through families. I have an aunt who went to Europe and wandered around by herself for a couple of years - in her 60s. Her kids thought it was awful that she left them (married with their own lives). I completely understood and applauded her. I think I have a bit of her wanderlust. I wonder if any of your kids will be gypsys when they get older. :)