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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rain, and more rain

I don't remember how many straight days of rain we've had, but it looks like it will continue for at least the next 10 days!  I can't complain, though, as the rain should greatly ease the worst of the drought conditions.  The best part is that the Sierra will be getting lots of snow, so those who love to ski and snowboard can enjoy the snow in the mountains.  Then we get the benefit in the spring of the snowmelt.  This is what we've been praying for, so I am happy even though I've grown to detest the sound of rain on a metal roof!

I'm not happy with my email programs - gmail and/or aol.  My computer comes with Mail but I never really cared much for it, but last night decided to try it.  I can write and read emails in the program, and I set it to pick up my aol mail as I'm totally disgusted with that email service.  For some reason I lost everything in my aol inbox, but while in Mail I noticed it was picking up every single piece of mail in every aol folder.  I'm not sure what is happening, and maybe I should just go back to what I know.  I'm calling a moratorium on computer usage today until I can figure what I want - stay with a program I know or switch to something that is easy to use but pretty much an uknown to me.

I shopped at Costco yesterday and managed to bypass the danish rolls.  It's difficult to get most of the sugar and carbs out of my diet, but  I weighed in at the gym last night and am holding onto 130#.

I'm off to the library this morning to return a stack of books and to pick up another stack!  I also want to access Ancestry.com on the library's computer and do a little genealogical research.  Then I'm headed to Bel Air and some grocery shopping.  I read somewhere that you can buy bags of fresh cranberries while they are available and store them in the freezer for use throughout the year.  I had half a bag of cranberries left and made a small amount of sauce yesterday - WOW!  I found my cinnamon and that with fresh grated nutmeg really added to the flavor.  I went light on the spices though, so they wouldn't overpower the cranberry sauce.  I had some with pork chops for dinner last night, and found the sauce is every bit as good with pork as it is with turkey!

I hate to drive in the rain, but I won't accomplish much if I stay home, so I'm off!


  1. I am really glad California is finally getting rain. But now we have to worry about all the mudslides. Just hope everyone stays safe and the lakes fill up. I love cranberries.

  2. I picked up 6 bags of cranberries the other day along with some oranges to add to it, made sauce this morning and have it in the food dehydrator now. I spread it out in 1/4 c "puddles" and when they're dry, one piece is marvelous on a sandwich. It's also good as hiking food snack.

  3. When I was a meat eater pork was my absolute favorite and cranberry sauce with chops can't be beat. I hate to drive in the rain too but am so happy to hear California is getting what it needs. Be safe!

  4. In my younger days I was 128 pounds and 5'-11.5" tall. Now I have shrunk a little on height and weigh 170 pounds. I was quite a bean pole way back when.

    That cranberry sauce sounds very good. I drink a lot cranberry juice, I love it. Sometimes I mix it with either vanilla or strawberry yogurt. Yum, Yum!!

  5. Can you somehow dry those cranberries to make 'raisins'? I like those in my salad.

  6. I never much cared for the taste of Cranberries but having said that my main drink for the past 4 years has been Cranberry/Raspberry juice. I buy the Ocean Spray brand & add a third of water to each jug therefore lessening the sugar content a bit.

  7. Good rain for you all. You sure do need all you can get as long as it comes slow so the ground can drink it in.
    You cranberry sauces sounds really good. Didn't have any this Thanksgiving.

  8. I told you your rain event would come soon! So glad you are getting the liquid gold as I know how bad your drought has been.

  9. I'm sorry for the mud slides, but happy for the rain and snow. If any state needs it, it is California.

    Growing up my grandma's house had a tin roof. Whenever it rained I begged to spend the night because the sound is so soothing to me. I still love it and had hoped to find a tin roofed house last year when we moved. Alas, asphalt shingles. I can imagine after living in an RV for a time that hard rains would make me no like the sound anymore.

    Glad you are safe and tucked in. And bravo on your weight, but I want a dansih now. giggle