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Friday, December 19, 2014

More Heavy Rain

It is pouring down at mid-day, and I'm not sure if it's going to slow down or stop at all.  My sister and her husband were supposed to be here by lunch, but got a late start.  Then they couldn't get the motor to start, and ended up using a battery from their other vehicle.  Before they were very far along they ran into "Chains Required Ahead" sign, so they had to stop and buy some chains.   I'm not sure when they will arrive, but it won't be for lunch!

Yesterday I took Autie's birthday present to her, a boxed set of 10 Nancy Drew mysteries.  These are the old ones that I read in the early 1950's.  Someone has recently made a Nancy Drew movie, but it is an updated version taking place in modern times, and based on a new book that features Nancy Drew.  Autie commented that the book was more scary than she thought it would be.  I hope that's just the modern way, and that she enjoys the old-fashioned story lines.  I'm sure books written when I was a child were probably not actually scary - maybe suspenseful, but not scary.  She was thrilled with the books, and I'll bet she's read the larger part of the first book by now.

 I also wrapped a couple of activity books for Arianna who is 5, so she would have something to unwrap.  I'm looking forward to taking the Christmas presents to Jeannie's tomorrow, and will try to get some photos.  I can't believe that my pictures of Autie didn't turn out yesterday because I inserted the memory card backwards.  I must have jammed it in pretty hard, because it was hell getting it out of the slot. 

You may remember that last summer I briefly had a dog, "Bear",  who didn't work out in my small house and no yard.   I still have the dog bed and food and water dishes on a stand (so the larger breeds don't have to lean over as far).  J&P have a labradoodle - her father is a registered standard poodle, and her mother is a retriever.  She is expected to get quite large, so I'm donating the bed and dishes/stand to Tallulah!  They have been taking up space among my camping gear, and it's amazing how much better I can get around in that room with just those two items removed.

I looked at some pictures and descriptions of adoptable dogs online this morning - it's tempting but I think I will pass on it.   As I've said before, I'm too old to learn new tricks!  The only way it would ever happen is if an acceptable stray should walk into my life. 


  1. I love Nancy Drew. I read every book written about her when I was young. When Todd was young I made sure he read the Hardy Boys. For some reason he wasn't interested in Nancy.

  2. Nancy Drew is a great gift. I read them all and collected them when I was in Elementary school. Glad your doggie things were able to go to a good home. Love the name Tallulah!!

  3. "if an acceptable stray should walk into my life". That's kinda the way we feel about getting a second dog. We're not actively looking but if an acceptable stray were to wander our way............well:))

  4. You might want to try taking a picture now that you turned the card around just in case it was damaged.
    Books make great gifts for kids and adults. I bought my great grandson one for Christmas he loves story time he is 3. the other 3 yr old won't sit still for 2 min let alone for a book reading.

  5. What a great gift. I remember reading almost all of the Nancy Drew series if not all...you know CRS..:(

    What I do remember is that I loved them!