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Monday, December 15, 2014

New Doctor

This morning was the long-awaited "establish care" meeting with my new doctor.  I really like him, and we are going to get along fine.  I explained how I feel about tests and what they could determine, and told him I don't want tests.  Anything wrong with me I want to treat with exercise and good nutrition, and he is fine with that.

I got a tetanus shot this morning and gave 3 vials of blood, so that is over with and I'm glad I fasted this morning so I don't have to go back for the blood work.   I will have a follow up visit with the Doc just before I leave for my long drive to NY in April.   As for my belly, he told me to avoid abdominal crunches, and said that working out on the elliptical would help my heart.  I don't even know how to get on the damn thing, so I'll have to get Jeannie or Donald to show me how it works.  It looks like work!   I don't like doing cardio so I usually either avoid it or do it in a half-a** manner.

Donald is coming in a few minutes to see if he can start up the furnace.  Meanwhile, I found several recipes for making tamales and printed three copies - for Donald, Joe, and for me.   I'm making a list (and checking it twice) for all the ingredients we will need, and will try to get most of them tomorrow.  The grand cooking spree will take place after Christmas and hopefully before New Year's.   It will seem strange sharing the preparation, cooking and assembly with a whole team - I plan to get the kids involved as well - but I think it will be a fun thing for all.   While I was at it I looked up some recipes for making empanadas as well, but I will do that on my own and later on in January.

I think I have all my gifts wrapped and ready for our Secret Santa party on the 20th.  Hope I didn't leave anyone out!

Donald had it running in about 2 minutes, as he remembered from last year when he lit the furnace for me.  I'm toasty warm now, but will turn it down in a short while - I remember the cost for gas usage nearly bankrupted me!

The rain stopped briefly and I threw a load of clothes into the washer.  Now they are ready for the dryer, but the rain is pretty heavy now and I'm not walking across the street while it's pouring.

Donald and I discussed making tamales as well as going to the gym this evening.  Vera asked for the recipe for the tamales.  I printed several and when we choose which one to use, I'll include it, plus pictures, in the blog.  Donald's mom is going to be enlisted as she is Spanish (raised in San Antonio) and made tamales with her mother for years.  Don said all those years he wasn't interested in cooking and never paid attention to how they did it.  I don't think she makes them herself these days, but I'm counting on her expertise.  I think it's going to be so much fun, and can't wait! 

I'm not sure how many fans of Bluegrass music are out there, but I just heard that Ray Davis, long time announcer extrordinaire, passed away earlier this month.  Ray began his radio career at a station in Del Rio, Texas; he then went back to Maryland where he became a well known announcer and friend of many old Bluegrass groups, which he  recorded in his basement on his own Wango label, such as the Stanley Brothers.

I first heard him on WAMU from Washington, D.C. where he hosted a show during the 3 hour commute every afternoon.  That show saved my life, because the way the traffic was affecting me - speeding, following too close, road rage, and all the rest - would have gotten me killed sooner or later.  I would actually drive slower sometimes as I neared home, so I could hear the rest of a song.  And always, the last 10 or 15 minutes of every hour was "Hymn Time", and you just can't be angry when you are listening to Ralph Stanley sing an old timey hymn!

After several years of being away from the east coast, I picked up his show on the internet when I lived in North Carolina.  When I would email him with a song request or a comment, he would announce that "this song is for Martha from Swannanoa."   I will miss hearing his voice and the stories he told of happenings when he was in Del Rio, or broadcasting from Johnny's Used Cars on a Saturday afternoon.


  1. What wonderful memories of Ray Davis. How happy he would be to know what an impact he made on your life. You are surely right about listening to Ralph Stanley sing an old time gospel hymn. Glad you like your doctor. The younger ones seem to be much less opposed to things other than drug based medicine.

  2. I've never eaten a tamale in my life. Don't really even know what they are. BUT, there is an annual Tamale Festival near Yuma this weekend, so I plan to attend and have a new experience. ;)

  3. Do you think I could become a 'Hot Tamale;???

  4. I can't wait to hear about the tamale making. It's always good to like your Dr. things can be more comfortable that way and asking questions is easier.

  5. Exercising can be bad for your health (grin), at least it makes stiff and sore the day after. I figure I got enough exercise the first 70 some years of my life that I don't have to do any more, right?

  6. Glad the doctor visit went well, it is so much easier when you actually like the doctor.

    You are so lucky to have someone like Donald in the family to light up the furnace. With his mother's expertise you should have no trouble making tamales.

  7. I have never heard of Ray Davis before and I am surprised someone besides myself lived in Del Rio at one time. He must have been someone special for you to have listened to him on a three hour commute. My goodness that must have been awful, and here I am always whining about my former Houston commute time.

  8. I'm like Judy & am not familiar with Tamales. I've heard the word but I'm pretty sure I've never eaten one. I'm not a big Mexican food fan anyway so guess that's why I'm not familiar with Tamales.

  9. Starting with a new doctir is always an interesting process:(