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Saturday, December 6, 2014

It's Saturday (and I don't have a date tonight!)

I just got back from my Sat. morning trip to the farmers' mkt.  I had about $14 in cash plus some quarters - I kept my purchases to about $10 and got onions, potatoes, chard, celery, and carrots.  Not bad.  I thawed some chicken breasts and plan to make a chicken vegetable soup today.

I heard a bit of rain during the night and the streets are wet this morning, but nothing falling right now.  I was shocked to hear a weather report last night that it has been determined this is the worst long term drought in California for the past 1200 years!  That is almost unbelievable, and puts the need for more heavy rains in perspective.   

I have been plagued lately with indigestion or heartburn - not sure I know the difference.  All I can say is that it is nearly constant and worse after I eat or drink anything, even water.  I bought a bottle of ginger ale yesterday and will see if a sip now and then helps.  I looked up various OTC remedies but they all have their warnings and drawbacks, so I will wait until I see my new doctor on the 15th.  Ranitidine (Xantac) doesn't help in the least so I've quit taking it for the time being.

Other than the indigestion I'm still on a high resulting from my gym workout Thursday evening.  It's strange - sometimes I get that wonderful high, and sometimes I don't.   It keeps me going to the gym though, searching for nirvana.

I have my chicken simmering with a few herbs and seasonings, the vegetables selected and washed, and I'm hoping I can eat what I cook.  I plan to go out in a little while and buy some Tums.  I hope they work because I'm miserable.  I've never used them before, and I thought (silly me) that I would buy "just Tums".  A quick look on the internet shows many different strengths and a variety of   flavors.  Hell, I don't want to have to make a decision so I'll just look for something peppermint-y.  I may update later. 

UPDATE:  The soup was great although I made way too much.  Some is already in the freezer and I may put another couple of servings in to freeze.

I drove in horrendous traffic to get some Tums; I took one on the way out of the parking lot, and one more since eating the soup.  I think it is working pretty well and hope I get some relief at least until my doctor's appointment.  I will not have extensive tests though, as I read that it would likely consist of an endoscopy, and I will never have another camera stuck down my throat.  I don't think I can ever be back to normal after the two procedures done a year ago.    


  1. Rollaides in the 72 count bottle.... Mint flavored and neutralizes acid quickly....

  2. Oh yeah, I don't have a date either. ;)

  3. You just have too many little troubles coming and going. It's not fair. You need to eat but eating gives you heart burn. What in the world. I hope Rod and Judy are right. I've never had it so I can't help. I know what you mean about feeling GREAT after exercise some times and tired other times. don't know what that's about either. I guess I have a date tonight but is it a date if you don't go anywhere or do anything? Doesn't feel like a date.

  4. If that indigestion keeps up, maybe you should see a doctor. It sounds like you are eating the right foods and they shouldn't be giving you any trouble. Hope you get over it soon.

  5. I rarely have heart burn when I do I just drink water and it seems to work fine for me.
    You soup sounds so good. Nice hot soup would have been great today.

  6. Charlie and I watched Frozen ... AGAIN ... lol ... great Saturday night date

    I had a bit of indgestion tonight which is rare for me but I ate some pretzel pillows filled with peanut butter for breakfast... why? I dunno ~ they were there but they usually don't give me indigestion. I don't like it

  7. Your soup sounds delicious. Wish I could offer some advice on the indigestion but I have never had it.

    BTW...I don't have a date either:(

  8. I'm with Rod. I buy TUM type antacids (generic brands) in large bottles. If I get the slightest hint of heartburn I down five or six with just a sip of water. They are just a calcium chalk with a little flavoring. The way they work is to imediately nutralize the acid in your stomach. The pain from heart burn is caused when the acid attacks a spot (like a sore or even a little fissure) in your stomach or if you have regurtated a bit up into your esophgus. I take the TUMS as soon as a slight pain occurs to prevent further damage.

    You might have to take them frequently at first because you need to heal inside. I only need them once a month or less, but I used to have serious pain and a doctor said I had an ulcer and put me on some other meds. Don't need them now, but I do thke a Prilosec every morning.

    Hope you get better. Heartburn is no small malady.