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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Busy day on Tuesday

Early this morning my son Steve brought Liam over to my house, and his mom Meg picked him up after work.  We had a great time.  Liam turned 4 in August and is interested in paleontology and Teen-aged Mutant Ninja Turtles.

His interest in Paleontology goes back probably two years, and he can name many dinosaurs and the period they came from - Cretaceous, Jurassic, etc.  So when I saw that Nova was airing a program called "Bigger than T Rex" I recorded it, and saved it after watching it.  Well we watched it today, twice!  I gave him mom the link to get it on the computer so he can look at it any time he wants.

He brought jigsaw puzzles and here they are:  (click on picture to enlarge)

And here is Liam:

He also brought a small bike with him and we went out a couple of times during the day.  He rides very fast and I was walking fast to try to keep up with him - I'm sure I walked at least 4 mph.  Finally I jogged down the length of the street but had to go back to a walk.  Running is hard on the bladder for an old gal like me!

We got down on the floor and played with some small race cars that he brought.  Getting down was easy enough, but getting back up more difficult.

Joe came by with the girls in the afternoon, and he put the cover on the swamp cooler for me.  I'm glad to get that done because Thursday is supposed to be a terrible day with high winds (around 6 mph forecasted) and at least two inches of rain.  The forecast is for falling trees, sewers stopped up with debris which can cause some flooding, and it's a generally grim picture.  Both Meg and Jeannie want me to come and stay at their house but I think I will stay home.  I know mobile homes don't do as well in high winds as a sticks & bricks, but I will take what comes.  Since Joe was there to hold the ladder and call the paramedics if I fell, I climbed up and took a quick look at the roof.  Since it was the back of the house I really didn't see much, and to tell the truth I didn't enjoy going up the ladder and even less coming back down.  I think I can say "that's it" for me and ladders.

Jeannie, Donald & I went to the gym this evening, and I went light on the  cardio because of the walking & running I did today with Liam.  But I enjoyed working with the weights and feel terrific right now.

I had to keep an eye on the kids today to make sure they didn't go back into my storage/camping equipment room.  That is where I've stowed the Christmas presents that I need to wrap.  Can't have them spoiling their surprises.   I'm mostly finished except for one more gift, plus the 2 grandsons in NY.  I'm sending them gift cards so I don't have to wrap and mail the boxes.  

I'm really tired now and should go to bed, but I'm keyed up from the exercise.   I need to dig out my ruby slippers for Thursday just in case I get blown away to Oz!   I'll post on Thursday and let y'all know how I make it through the storm!  


  1. Sounds like you had a very busy day. I thought of you when I heard about all the rain and wind expected in your part of the country in the next couple of days. Take care.

  2. We are in Palm Desert in a 23' Class C rig, Parked with Palms (huge, tall palms) all around us. The forecast is for winds then rain on Friday. I may go to the clubhouse for the day........Hope you don't get blown away to Oz because I enjoy your blog.

  3. So glad you have your Ruby slippers. I've always wanted a pair - seriously! Hope you don't have reason to use them. I used to always prefer exercising in the morning because I'd have all that keyed up energy all day. It was hard to go to sleep if I exercised too late in the evening which made it hard to fit in if I didn't do it after work.

  4. Awwww Hi Liam ;0 what a sweet ~ tell me more ~ face ;) Yates was into Sharks … knew everything there was to know about … and the pictures of the high waves … ~ I know you’ll stay safe… !

  5. Batten down the hatches and hold on tight. It looks like all of the west coast is going to or already have been hit pretty hard with that pacific storm.

  6. 6mph winds are not bad, we have had 45 - 60 here at times. It doesn't move my house at all. Of course you just never know about the roof.

    Your little guy is sure growing up. Seems you both had a pretty good day.

  7. Liam is so good looking, a very smart young fellow. My ggson Lane turned 4 in October. These youngsters amaze me with their intelligence. Were we oldsters this smart at this age? It's been so long and hard to remember.

    You've been a busy woman. Hopefully you are all cozy in your red slippers, letting the weather pass on over. 6 mph doesn't sound a bit bad. Really bitter here Wednesday, still very cold but lots of sunshine. Seems I'm holding my breath all winter long, dreading what might come. Still clinging to memory of the nightmare time a few years ago and still not prepared 'just in case'. I don't even have a single candle.