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Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday rolls around again

My life is just going by too fast these days.  Did they remove one or two days out of each week?

After a gorgeous day yesterday I heard the rain during the night, but not heavy enough to keep me awake.  (Heartburn was the cause of that.)

This mobile home park is about the noisiest place I've ever been - machinery type noise.  Right now the maintenance crew is blowing the leaves around, a chore they seem to be doing just about every day.  The noise is deafening, especially the days when the landscape service comes to cut the grass, trim around the bushes, trees, and street, followed of course by the blowers to get every single blade of grass or leaf particle from defiling the street.  But every day there is some reason to use the blowers and it drives me crazy.  You can imagine summertime when the windows are open!  I remember it being bad when I lived in an apartment, but it was just one day, a Monday, and then on Tuesday the same thing would happen in the apartment complex next to ours.  Two days a week I would have my hearing affected.  Don't they know that excessive noise is bad for the hearing?  Naturally the ones using the machinery have earplugs so what do they care.

As to the comments about all the emails advertising holiday specials, this is the first year there have been so many.  I usually get one email a week at most from Costco, but they are sending one a day for "special" buys.  I don't want to stop getting the weekly emails so I really don't want to unsubscribe.  The same goes for REI and LLBean.  Even Sky & Telescope Magazine (which I subscribe to) is sending daily notices.  It isn't a chore to just delete them, but the great number of them says something about the way retailing is changing.  As I've mentioned many times, I like to go to a local store to shop, and rarely buy products online (unless there is no choice).

Yesterday I decided to try out my old online music favorite, Pandora Radio.  I selected Bluegrass music, and before Ralph Stanley had sung two old bluegrass gospel tunes I was asked to sign in or register.  I would have done that except they wanted a lot of info about me, including my year of birth.  Their explanation is that the site is financed by ads and the ads needed to be directed to the proper locale, age group, etc.   They can throw ads on the screen if they want, but I'm not giving them personal info to do it.   Do you notice that more and more companies are trying to get your most personal info?   I'm not buying it!   

I also checked out SiriusXM and wouldn't mind paying $10 a month for 80+ channels except for the fact that almost all the channels are for music that I don't listen to.  I couldn't see Bluegrass in the listing, so I might have to buy a more expensive package.  For those who suggested I listen online, I sometimes do that except the volume on my laptop doesn't reach far.  I can't hear anything on it if I'm in the next room.  My iMac, in contrast, reaches a very loud volume but the screen is so big I rarely bring it into the living room.   I'm going to make a trip to Best Buy soon and see what they carry in the way of small AM/FM radios.  I'll do that AFTER I finish the Christmas shopping and see how much I can spend on myself!


  1. My wife and I have nothing negative to say about SiriusXM radio. As I have told you before, she likes all the old shows and I like the bluegrass.

  2. I have a pair of inexpensive speakers that I hook up to my laptop for very nice sound. As good as any radio for sure. I just used ones that came with an old tower PC but I would think you could get them without spending a fortune. BOY do I hate all the leaf blowing noise. What happened to the exercise of raking??? I don't think I could live somewhere that they did the mowing/blowing so often. Sure wish you could get a little class A and just park it somewhere lovely and use it for travels too. I think you'd like that lots better than either where you are or an apartment.

  3. As Sherry suggested, a set of external amplified speakers for the laptop would probably cost no more than a radio. And, I doubt you will find a radio only and that is not digital.

    I believe you have an Apple computer, so have you tired iTunes Radio? It is free, and you select the type of music

    Hope you find a solution.

  4. I am getting like that about noise it drives me nuts. I had to catch my neighbor outside one day because she is deaf and won't wear her hearing aids. Her TV was so load people asked me how I could stand it when the heard it all the way down the street. When I couldn't even hear my radio I had to speak up. You can bang on her door till you knuckels bleed she couldn't hear.

  5. I too find that my life is just speeding by lately. October and November are a blur and here we are in December already!