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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas joy gets worse every day!

I went out late this morning to get a couple more things I need.  Figuring cheap would suffice as well as expensive for what I want, I started off at the Grocery Warehouse, which usually has a good supply of inexpensive kitchen items.  They didn't have what I wanted, however, so I returned the basket to the rack and left.  The most interesting thing in the store was a man walking down the aisle towards me clutching his crotch as though there's no tomorrow.   I didn't make the smart-aleck remark I had in mind, and just passed him by.

Target was just around the corner although I know they aren't cheap any more, even for cheap goods.  I found a couple of glass pie pans, a 12 pack of PBR to go with the hot tamales I'm serving my sister and her husband on Friday, and a couple of other items.  I got carded for the beer, and the guy at the register and I had a good laugh when I had to tell him my birthday.   He said the register automatically demands the d-o-b on any alcoholic purchase, which really benefits the check-out clerk most of all.

There is one lot I drive past just before I get to my street that has been vacant since I've lived here.  Now there is a brand new double wide sitting on the lot, still on the trailers.  I hope the folks who own it will be in by Christmas, although maybe it would be less of a hassle to move their furniture and belongings in after the holiday traffic cools down.  I'd like to see how they put the two halves together but would feel stupid standing in the street gawking.

Does anyone  besides me long for the old days when you could make a phone call and get info, without having to do everything online which requires all sorts of passwords & security crap.

I just tried to check my health insurance to make sure the changes I submitted for 2015 were in effect.  I forgot my userid and password, so for both I had to enter my SSN and then enter it again for confirmation; select and answer two security questions, etc., etc., etc.   It is so ridiculous it could be funny if it wasn't so stupid!   I'm fed up with jumping through hoops to get info that belongs to me in the first place.  Life has gotten so simple in that you can (and have to) do everything on your own, which makes it more complex than ever.  Does anyone else miss human contact and interaction?


  1. I prefer to talk to a human and one that speaks good English. When we getting our satellite radios set up, I got fed up trying to understand the lady tech on the phone since she had a very heavy accent and I could tell that English was not her primary language. I then asked for someone who spoke better English, and you know what? She transferred me to someone else who did. I have a hearing problem and accents make it much harder for me to understand.

  2. Those telephone IVR systems drive me nuts, especially when you have to punch in all sorts of information like your account number, d.o.b. blah blah blah and then when you end up getting a person (which you wanted in the first place) they ask for the same information all over again.

    I get a kick out of getting carded when buying liquor - when they say I don't look that age I tell them they're my new best friend ;-)

  3. I hate shopping!! Can you tell we went grocery shopping today? Then I wanted to buy some popcorn (already popped) from Subway (yep this one sells popcorn) and I had such a hard time getting the woman to understand what I wanted. English was definitely not her native language and this was in person. I think having to put in the dob for alcohol sales is a good idea. At least it gives us oldies a good laugh.

  4. Know exactly what you mean Gypsy. Personal service is a forgotten courtesy, or they can't find people who know what it means. I was at a dollar store one day, and the elderly lady at the register had to have been the most gracious and polite cashier I've ever seen. She was a breath of fresh air.

  5. I agree totally of course. The "help" people you cannot understand drive me crazy. I wonder if younger people feel the same way about all this or if it is just us old fuddy duddies? Ask the generations in your family Gypsy. As for DOB, you can say anything unless you have to prove it. I would not give them my real dob just on principle. I had to be cleared to buy cold medicine at a self check out the other day. SIGH.....